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July 11, 2010



Thanks Karen. Will have to think about this one!

Helen Baker

Have downloaded Karen. This is a difficult one for me, I've loved every holiday I have ever been on!! I am so pleased with my album, it is good to have something just for me!


Thank you for another excellent prompt!


Thanks for the prompt Karen, enjoy your holiday :)


Thank you Karen - I'm the other way around -while our boys were young we stayed in the uk -now they are leaving home we will start going further.

Sarah C

Thanks for yet another great prompt xx


Thank you for another great prompt. Enjoy your holidays.


Thank you for the prompt! An emergency landing? I don't think I could get on a plane after that! You are very brave.

Mary Bainbridge

thanks Karen, have downloaded and now I have to decide which was my favourite holiday.

Photographing Mom

Downloaded and am SO glad to be slowly getting my scrapping done!!!


Great ideas! Thanks for the prompt!

jo sowerby

oooh i love travel pages and have alot to catch up oin, thanx for another fab 52 in 10 prompt. enjoy the hols,
Jo xxxx


Thank you - it's great. I downloaded!


Another fab prompt. Thankyou

Sharon Speed

ooooo - Holidays!! Lovely!! Thanks Karen, this is a great class.


I have been lucky enough to have a number of wonderful holidays, so, will have to think about this one or maybe wait until we have been to Kenya this September. Thanks again.


Thanks for the prompt today. My honeymoon was my best holiday but I am doing a whole separate album on it so I may opt for another favourite holiday.


Thanks Karen, still lovin the prompt


Married my high school sweetheart almost 45 years ago in our hometown of Cody, Wyoming. Imagine my surprise to see one of your "best" vacations in our former backyard! By age 35 I had been in all 50 states. I've toured most Canadian provinces and 28 foreign countries. There's so much to see and I'm glad we did it early as our health isn't as good as it used to be. Each vacation spot is the best for a different reason. Venice is a photographer's paradise. Thanks for the prompt.

Julie Spencer

Thanks Karen - this one is hard, have been on so many nice holidays - is there going to be more prompts on holidays?? Do I wait and see and do them all later???


Thank yoooou! A good one to think about, with our school holidays looming and our annual break in 3 weeks' time!
I have a number of memorable trips to consider... which shall I scrap first?

Mel Weeks

Thanks Karen. Will catch up soon. Wish I had had as many great holidays and adventures as you. Next time I come back,more travel is on my list of things to do.


I love every prompt you give Karen, and enjoy your own take on it, and then make copious notes on how I will interpret it myself, and now I've worked out why that's as far as I get! Will post on the UKS thread about it, and ask for advice.
But continued thanks from me for your hard work, so many of us appreciate it greatly.


Thanks Karen for another lovely prompt, just need to decided which holiday merits as the best. Still behind, but will catch up!!



Thanks Karen, another one to challenge me - I still have a little time before I get to it! I started late but have managed to do the first 10 LO's - which I am now going to try and upload!


great prompt.this will get me thinking

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