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June 06, 2010



Hi Karen
I've downloaded the prompt, although I'm seriously behind but I've every intention of carrying on.


Thank you! I hope you enjoyed your half term break, and you have sun today. It's beautiful here in Upton (for now anyway!).

Claire Viney

Looks like you had a wonderful time.
Thanks for another week's prompts - just downloading now!


Thanks for the Prompt Dolly - everyone's gone to golf so I shall have a wonderful afternoon scrapping!


Thank you for another interesting prompt-looks like you had fun at the party!loved the elephants earlier in the week, must be lovely to see them "in the flesh"so to speak!


Confession time, I was one of those that downloaded last week but didn't comment!! Sorry, one thing occurred to me. I read your blog via Google reader and to comment I have to come direct to your blog- could be a reason why not so many comment as download? Anyway many thanks am way, way behind but fully intend to get caught up at some point!


morning karen
prompt downloaded - and nearly printed.
looks like you had a good party. happy birthday to Jakki


Thanks for another brilliant prompt. I am also very behind but will catch up eventually.


Looks like you had a great time at your friends birthday. Thanks for another great prompt. I am nearly caught up now and I am loving this project.


Thanks for the prompt Karen. I'm struggling abit with this home town theme as I dont count myself as having a home town (military life!!) I'm sure though that by the time I have caught up I will have thought of something.

Thanks again for your hard work :)


Thanks for the prompt, will have a go later. I am intending to show all my LOs on my blog sometime soon!


Great prompt as usual! Love your new profile pic Karen ..... thanks for all your hard work ...... loving it!

Julie Spencer

Thanks as always for the prompt karen - still in Switzerland so will get caught up now three weeks behind!!) hopefully next weekend...


just downloading - thanks once again for lovely ideas! Happy Birthday to Jakki - looks like you had a great time.


Thank you again for the prompt and my apologies for not commenting last week.

Photographing Mom

Downloaded. :o) Only a week and a half left of school and I'm planning a catch-up!!


Thank you again Karen.I'm late today as I took my daughter and her friend to participate in Race for Life in Glasgow this morning-fabulous event with 16,000 females of all ages,shapes and sizes taking part. For a short time Glasgow was a sea of pink!
I love the little glimpse of your page and I like to sew and use ribbons on my scrap pages.
You look marvellous in the photos of the party-your dress colour is so summery and vibrant.

Mary Bainbridge

Thank you Dolly/Karen have downloaded

I find with my freebie's lots download but no one hardly ever comments and I have never seen anyone's LO using them.


I'm sorry that we can't all comment as you wish we would. Week after week I read the prompt sometimes getting 5-6 weeks behind them as we battle my cancer surgery and my husband's upcoming back surgery. We are dealing with a lot more than having time to upload especially when I'm technologically challenge and my husband isn't well. Your life looks so put together, but some of us are really struggling and just following a prompt or downloading it to read can be a diversion for difficulties in life. I just can't always repond, but I'm still out here. Now getting the prompts is even more difficult so I will probably have to drop out. Sorry we are such a disappointment to you.


Thank you again for another great prompt. I am knee-deep in a class, but will catch up when it finishes. I appreciate your generosity.


Thanks for another great prompt. I am weeks and weeks behind but i do intend to catch up at some point.


Thank you for the prompt - I take it with me.

Erika Sissons

Hope your enjoying your Half Term week off :)

I'm one of those that download but don't always comment as I use Google Reader to keep up with my favourite blogs... I am way behind but do plan on catching up... have popped together a few page kits ready for my long weekend away in July :)

Thank-You for all the prompts and the time you've taken to prepare them for us... it is much appreciated :) x


Dont be to much disappointed Dolly... I think all people commenting here love your project sooo much.
It is so nice to do this together with you... thank you a million for all your work and for sharing it with us.
I have downloaded!
Wish you a nice start in the new week.

Helen Baker

Just downloaded Karen - my album is looking great and I am so pleased with it. Have bought a d-ring album from craft obsessions which is perfect for it. Many thanks x


Thanks for the prompt Karen, I'm seriously behind but fully intend to catch up when life's not so hectic. Happy Birthday to Jacki.

Sharon Speed

Another great prompt - this will become such an important memory of me and my life for my children. I definately want to see this through. Thanks Karen and keep going, we do appreciate it!!


just dowloaded this weeks prompt, i didnt get around to dowloading last week. but i hope to get some pages done to try and catch up, thanks again for all the work you put in to this project.


another great prompt - loving the class - I am 'late' today mainly because I have had my granddaughter for the day and we braved the rain and went out(. PS I usually download twice - so one comment for 2 downloads - I read it at home and then download again at work and print off (no printer at home that makes it hard as a scrapbooker let me tell you)- then if I lose that one cos I get behind I sometimes have to download a 3rd time and print it again - sorry for mucking up your system but it makes my weekend getting the prompts


Hi, thank you for another great prompt. Really enjoy them


Thanks! I've been moving house and am way behind. Thanks for your thoughtfulness!


Hi Karen, thanks for another great prompt.

I really appreciate all your hard work that you put in to the prompts each week.




Looks like a great party Karen! I too am very behind and its not going to get better in the short term, as I am visiting family in the UK at the moment, hope to catch up when I get home!!!


it is lovely that you make such wonderful prompts..i can hardly wait to get going on them. still have yet to start!

Lynne Mitchell

Thanks karen, Slowly playing catch up and look forward each week to the new prompt so I can then spend hours mulling over how I will attempt them :)

Lovely photos of you and Jackie at her 50th, you both look amazing!


Thanks for the prompt Karen. I really look forward to reading the new prompts on Sundays.


Late downloading this week. Busy day yesterday. thanks again.

Sharon Peters

I have downloaded them all Karen with a view to getting round to scrapping the course. I haven't started yet but i am loving all the ideas! You and Jakki look absolutely fab - look like you all had a lovely evening! XX


Thankyou. I've been away so missed acouple. Don't seem to be able to find 22?

Mel Weeks

This is a good one, thanks Karen. It really makes you think about the area you live in and appreciate what it has to offer. You really don't have to go far to find what you are searching for, just look around you.


Thank you :)

Sarah C

I guess my party invitation got lost in the post!! lol Looks like you all had a fantastic time.

Thank you once again for a great prompt. Love the idea of this. Now to narrow my loves to 10 and get some photos x

Judy Sanza

Again, a great prompt. I am so sorry I have been one of the guilty ones. I am in such a hurry to download and then I forget to say thanks...I'm sorry. I haven't been able to participate for a few weeks...company, company (which was fun), but glad to be back to normal.

I appreciate all your hard work.



Keep it up. Lots of us doing the work and enjoying what you do.


Hi Karen,
Thank you for the lovely prompt! I haven't read any of my fave blogs for a few months now (didn't know about this project so I suppose that is more months than I care to remember!?!?)

I have some serious catching up to do!!! I am off to have a snoop through some of your older posts.

Thank you SO much for sharing your creativity with us - it really is very generous.

Big hugs,



Thank you
Back from holiday so catching up with pts


I've downloaded the prompt and can't wait to get started on this one but it may have to wait until crop night. Many thanks Karen

debbie s

just downloaded the prompt - thank-you. am very behind but will catch up during the school holidays.


Thanks for doing this project and sharing with the rest of us!
I recently found your page and have downloaded all the past prompts and I will certainly download all that come. Not a single page done yet, that will be another project :-) For now, I'm saving the prompts until I have time to scrap. Working full time and studying half time prevents me from doing all the fun stuff, but vacation is soon here!
Do you need a comment each time I download, or will this be enough, because I love the prompts and have no intention to miss a single one! Just count one download for me each week :-) Thanks again for sharing!

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