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June 13, 2010



Your wallet mini book is gorgeous! How perfect for a father's day gift! :) Congratulations on how much you have raised well done. Don't worry about the negative comments, perhaps you could just e-mail the prompt to the people who have left you comments week in and week out? I agree fellow cupcake, a comment isn't too much to ask but don't be disheartened, not everyone is as kind and generous as you unfortunately :( xx

T Ann

here, here. I am sorry that some people have said that you shouldn't ask for comments, why not? I am also sorry to hear you are running out of steam for the project, I am not keeping up so well right now but will be disappointed not to have 52 prompts to complete the yeaar. So from all of us with good manners - THANK YOU for your weekly inspiration.


Hi there, thank you so much for another thought inspiring prompt. I haven't managed to sit myself down and do any related crafting for 52in10 but I am so enjoying reading the weekly prompts - thank you so very much.

Toni :o)

Miranda Shelley

great prompt yet again..... thankyou please carry on with us for the full 52. Couldn't work out how to comment on the download page apologies.


I don't think you are wrong at all, it's just good manners. Sorry I have stopped doing the prompts at the moment, life just got in the way, I always look at your blog though and love what you've done, wish I had your talent x

jo sowerby

i for 1 am enjoying each prompt and trying hard to keep up-to-dat!!!!! i think that u shouldnt worry about people commenting negatively. that's their problem not urs. it is always g8 to get comments but i know people come to my blog and dont comment, they even stop following which is hard too. we the group as a whole enjoy the prompts and the blog so keep going.
Jo xxxxx


please don't stop, this is the most complete project like this I have ever done, I really look forward to your weekly prompts

Claire Viney

I agree with all the comments made already. I am a couple of weeks behind and haven't posted all the ones that I have done on to my blog, but I have commented every week and donated to your charity as I believe it is a small ask for receiving such a fantastic class for free. Please don't stop doing the prompts as they are so fantastic and as others say it is frustrating starting a project and then not to finish it. I regularly visit your blog and only leave comments on the 52 in 10 prompts but everything you do is so inspiring. Also living in Poole/Wimborne, I love coming on to see what you have been up to!
Keep up the good work and don't let the mean spirited people out there get you down.
Hugs Claire xxx

sue (aka scrapcat)

Love the mini book. Don't be disheartened by some of the negative comments made. I am behind with the prompts but am saving them for when my mojo returns. I follow your blog daily and love reading about the antics of your furry family. I have a Turkish Van who unfortunately hates being groomed. Whats the secret?


Karen, forget about the "Takers" and concentrate on those who are joining in with the spirit of your Course.
You have set this up for others to join in with, because you are NOT a "Taker", but a SHARER! You have a special birthday and wanted to enjoy sharing it with other people.
Those of us who appreciate that are very grateful and honoured to be part of your special year. Please know that it does matter that you're making all this effort and we do enjoy being part of it.
You have done such a wonderful job so far and the prompts are just so cleverly thought out and well put together. I haven't produced lots of pages etc, but I am still enjoying the process, via yours and others' work. Some time I will make myself an album, with pages that use the prompts and ideas from your course. I have saved them all (except Prompt 5 which I never could download) and I will try to plan them in, as I think it's a great idea and would be a lovely thing to keep for ever.
So THANK YOU for a wonderful course. Please don't be discouraged by those without manners. The rest of us are grateful and appreciative enough to make up for it!!

I do like your mini-album by the way. It's gorgeous and I'm sure Nigel will really appreciate it - not least because of the love that has clearly gone into its production.

It's obvious you're a lovely person. Don't worry about the selfish people. They don't count.


Thank you for pt Behind because of holiday but hope to catch up this week.
Well said Lizzie !!!!!!
Hugs Daphne


I agree with all of the above comments. I don't know how people can take without doing a simple thing like leave a comment. I personally find it very rude and even more so seen as you are offering this class for free. Unfortunately it just shows what kind of world we are in. I am loving yoyr class and really appreciate the work you have put into it.
I check your blog daily and love all the work you do.
The mini album you have made is lovely and Im sure Nigel will love it.
I do hope you keep the ptompts going.
Many thanks x

Helen Baker

I agree with Sally -Ann, please don't stop, I love doing this project and being a part of this whole thing. Try not to be disheartened, I'm sure some people just genuinely forget - love the mini album by the way x

Mary Bainbridge

Hi Karen I think it stinks that people feel it is wrong to want feedback. but please please don't give up on the rest of us I really appreciate this challenge and want to continue.

I love your mini book, have you done it digi?


Hi Karen

Thanks for new prompt. Your mini-book is beautiful and I wish I could master digital scrapping! I find the lack of manners in general today quite upsetting and spent years trying to teach hundreds of children y that a thank-you and a smile cost nothing!Please keep up the prompts if you can-I love reading it and as I have said before to you, I admire your "style" of crafting.


I've downloaded the new prompt - thank you - I love this book and your ideas so much. It will be a famously book in the end of the year. I so happy, that I found your blog.
The mini-book is very beautiful - what a great idea.


Another great prompt .... thankyou Dolly for all your hard work ..... loving this!


Thanks for the prompt Karen! I am up to date, and absolutely love my album, so I will be disappointed if you don't continue until 52! Sorry I haven't commented every week, but I have downloaded and done the Lo each week.


Thank you again for the prompt! I agree with all the comments and
I think Lizzie said everything in her comment that I wanted to do. We do really appreciate all your hard work and time.

katie squirrel x

hi... had to post to say I dont think you are wrong expecting a little courtesy. People are so rude - great idea you have and prompts every week which I have to say have not got round to doing myself but love the idea. Dont worry about the odd greedy person - we do appreciate all the work you put in. Thanks!


Yet another great prompt Karen. I too agree with all that has been said so won't repeat it at this stage - let it be enough to say I really appreciate the hard work you have put into this project and would be upset (though would understand) if you called it a day.

I am way behind on the prompts at the moment as we are in the process of selling our house and buying my dream cottage and the whole process is turning into a bit of nightmare. However Ihave been saving all the prompts so that when we are finally in the cottage and I have my own craft room (yes I am a lucky girl) I will catch up and complete this project.

Once again Karen thank you for the fab prompts


Thank you Karen for another super prompt-I agree with everything that's been said before - if people have time to download they have time to say thank you-it's only 8 letters!!
Please don;t give up - love the mini book - Nigel is going to be so chuffed.
have a good week x

donna c

how could people be so thoughtless and unkind? that is just such bad manners, always one rotten apple spoiling the bunch! i am sorry that they think your ask is to big for their selfish thoughtless little minds!

i have been thoroughly enjoying the prompts. i do hope you keep going, this is your special project to celebrate your special year! please don't stop ..you are worth it! your work is fabulous. is there any chance that the ones enjoying and appreciating your prompts could sign up for the later part of the year and show our appreciation by a paid class?

i would hate to see your project come to an end because of a couple of idiots! your work is amazing!

donna in canada


I agree with all the others here it is rude not to leave a short comment. Another great prompt I live in Robin Hood country so this prompt will be great. Will be visiting Poole in the summer for the 1st time I am so looking forward to see it especially when I see all lovely places on your blog


HI, thank you once again. Please keep going. I love to see the prompts and am enjoying doing the pages. It is going to be wonderful to look back on.
I don't think the donation is too much, and i too hope that people donate to such a wonderful charity.
Thank you again,


thank you again for this great prompt Dolly... as always I have downloaded and as always I beg you not to end this wonderful project.
I am a little bit behind but I save everything on my desktop and I will do it asap
I love it so much!!!
have a great evening... Birgit

Your mini is great great great !!!!!


Thank you Dolly, another excellent prompt, and the wallet is fantastic, what a lot of work in those little cards.
(Also absolutely loved what you did for prompt 23, may I lift it please? Can't think how to work it better. And wish I'd lifted every page all along, wouldn't be so far behind then, ah well, I WILL catch up, I promise)
Also loved your card on IACW this morning!

Julie Spencer

'Here Here' Lizzie and everyone else for their comments. Why shouldn't they leave a message, common curtesy after all and only takes a few seconds. Great as always Karen - I really am going to have to get out into town (B'mouth and Poole seeing as half my garden is in both parts!!) and take some photos.


How did you manage to get that photo of the Dolphin Centre with no buses in the way?! Love the prompt, as always, and like everyone has said, ignore the miserable people who have a complete lack of basic manners. We appreciate all your hard work!


Yoiur mini-book is stunning!
Sue x


Thank you again. Please don't get disheartened. i LOVE the prompts.

Lynne Mitchell

Thank you for the prompt, sorry you feel a little disheartened :(
Please do the whole 52 weeks for us all xx

Fab mini book for Nigel, he's a lucky man!


Thanks for the prompt and for all your hard work. I'm lagging very far behind but I have all the prompts downloaded and printed out I will catch up sooner or later.
I agree with all the posts on here and can't believe some people could be so rude as to object to you asking for a comment, they are definitely NOT worth bothering about!
Keep up the fab work, love the mini book btw I'm sure Nigel will love it.

Sharon Speed

I agree! I look forward to this each week and too would be disappointed not to have 52 at the end! I am one of those who has not done so much crafting for this project yet, but I have downloaded each prompt and have made my own notes ready for my pages. I am really enjoying the different take on this book about 'me' to show and talk with my children as they grow older, so they can see what my life is about. Maybe it's email only time to those who have regularly commented! Thanks Karen.


Hi Karen. I agree completely with everyone else - there are loads of us who appreciate what you've done for us - thank you. I'm so looking forward to the summer holidays (we've only got 6 weeks to go) - it's my summer project to catch up with this!
Helen x


I agree with all the wonderful comments here. I appreciate your thoughtful prompts and your wonderful scrap pages. I do hope you continue till week 52! It is such a brilliant project and I would hate to see it be "incomplete". I hope you can take heart at the people who do appreciate your posts and come to grips with the majority who seem to have an "entitlement" complex that takes but doesn't thank. But for me, I say thank you!


Another great prompt thanks Karen and loving the wallet you have made for Nigel - I agree with what everybody has said, by way of encouraging you to continue! I'm loving the class, although I am still trying to catch up!

As with many things, I think we often see only the weeds in the garden, but not the flowers - some people give and others take - especially disappointing when the donations are for such a great cause too! Please keep going Karen - many of us love your blog and your inspiring prompts, and do leave comments, which I hope will encourage you to continue!


I just came across your blog! How wonderful you are to start this project. Don't give up! People are people. Focus on the great visitors who comment and really use your prompts to help them. That is your true reward. The ones who really matter will comment.


Hi I love your prompts.. hands up I am one that has not left a comment before. So I will do from now on . I dont think it is wrong to ask people to comment though and nobody should make you feel bad. I love your layouts and you inspire me to scrap

Cath White

Thank you Karen for the latest prompt.
I will catch up, so please don't stop.
Don't let a few bad eggs spoil the basket !


thank you for all your hard work!!

Lemon bird's mom

Thank you for your generosity!


Thank you for another great prompt and thank you for alleviating some of the guilt I have in not getting things posted. Wish you could see my 18-19 pages I've completed. I'm not technilogically adept so haven't learned how to put them on flickr.


Thanks again Karen for a lovely prompt. Saving mine for when I get time to do the project.


I haven't scrapbooked for ages, so much going on, but have downloaded this and hope to do something. Hope you and furchildren are well,


Thanks for another great prompt! I am saving them to get started asap. xx

Sarah C

There's nothing wrong in asking us to leave you a comment if we download the prompt you so kindly give us free. Some people eh? I'm keeping all the prompts safe so that when I'm ready to continue making my album, they'll be there ready for me.

BTW, you look amazing x


Thank you, once again.


Hello Karen, just a note to let you know I've download this weeks class.


Hi Karen

THANK YOU for such an inspiring challenge, please keep the prompts coming. I cannot believe some people, it must be so disheartening for you to receive such negativity.

I may not be up todate, but I have downloaded each week, left a comment, because it a courtsey thing to do especially as the class is free, I too have made a donation to your charity, just because I wanted to show my appreciation for your hard work.

But for all the people above that have left such lovely comments, you know that you have a great following.

I really love your mini book too. Have a great weekend.


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