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June 04, 2010



thanks karen - went googling last night. Think the girls and I are off to London to go elephant spotting.
great photo's.


I love those elephants, whis I didn't live so far away. We live in Chester and are having rhinomania this summer, which is similiar but smaller.

sarah grant

Great shots of the ellies Karen, it always makes me feel funny when I see pics of places I pass every day on other peoples blog - wish you'd all pop in and say hullo to me too!!
My fave ellie is a little striped one by Marble Arch have yet to walk over and photograph him - must do so soon! xx


Love your new avatar photo Kare. You look very happy, healthy ans summery.


Lovely new blog avatar, Karen! You have lost so much weight and look so healthy and fit - all the walking is paying off!

I didn't know about these elephants in London - it must have been some kind of special project, as they all seem to have a similar size, starting shape etc. Must try and find out more... perhaps we can go "Ellie Hunting" when we go up to Town for our next long-weekend.


This just makes me want to visit London! My daughter will be there next year for a semester abroad - maybe I can stow away in her suitcase...


OMG Karen - these are amazing - sounds like a fun filled day ... and loving the new pic of you xx


Fab Photos , what a wonderful day!


Love the new you karen! Looking good. Great pics of the ellies too - I had no idea what you were talking about the other day but now I know what the excitement was all about!! lol

Mary Bainbridge

Great photos of all the ellies and I love your new Avatar such a stunning photo of you


oh i can't believe this but... i was just metres away from you! must have been, as i took pictures of the horse parade on the same day in the same place! how weird is that?! :)

looking fab in your new picture!


Fabulous photos as always, Karen! :) We had the "Cow Parade" in Edinburgh in 2006 (?) and I've taken pics of about 75% of all the cows - read about the elephant parade in London just the other day. :)

Just to let you know, I've downloaded the previous prompts and hopefully will find the time to start on the 5210 at some point ... :o


Hi Karen - thanks to you I spent today Ellie-hunting. I'm very envious of your sunny pics - it was very cloudy and the heavens opened when I got to Buckingham Palace. I think the forecast is better for tomorrow morning so may be able to get some more then. I'm looking forward to seeing the Lulu Guiness and Swarovski ellies.
Congrats on your fantastic weight loss. You are looking fabulous. Rosie x

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