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June 23, 2010



Lovely page as always Karen but you forgot one thing on your list of reasons to live there - what about all the fab scrap goodies they get way before we do?

Never give up on your dream - we have just bought (or nearly) our dream cottage - it may not be anywhere exotic but it is what I have always wanted


Oooh the new head? I'll never get to meet her :O

Helen Baker

Love the LO - still deciding what to do for this one!


Hello Karen!

I don't download the prompts, but thought I would comment anyway.

I love to visit your site to see what you're up to. Your pages are lovely!

I thought about joining 52 in 10, but unfortunately I'm living through the most depressing, soul-destroying year of my life and just can't scrap. It's as nothing compared to the people in the hospice that your donations help, I know, and I wish I were in a position to donate, but.....
I don't want this to be a "down" comment.

Keep going. Forget about people who can't or won't raise their game to your standards. The world is full of them. Refuse to lower your standards or expectations to the "lowest common denominator". Do things to your own standard - if nobody else joins in, at least you'll know that you lived up to your own standards. "To thine own self be true", as the Bard said. And he was right about so many things!

On the days when you wonder why you bother putting in so much effort for a bunch of ingrates, please know that there are casual visitors to your site (I know I'm not the only one) who would like to send you, Nigel, and the fur babies the biggest hug for brightening their day. We may not always leave comments, but we're grateful nonetheless.

With hugs and thanks.

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