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June 27, 2010



Sounds like you had a wonderful time... always nice to get those group shots especially when you know they are far and few between :)

Thank-You for another lovely prompt... Hopefully I will have a few layouts to share soon :)


Thanks Karen .... I love google maps too. Will have to look out some photos when I catch up to this one!


Thank you Dolly for the new prompt.
I'm always late - today I posted the 23. prompt. :o(
But I will work a little bit more, comming to the new prompt. ;o)
Have a nice sunday!


Thanks for the prompt Karen, how lovely for you all to be together - they're very special times aren't they? Enjoy your Sunday :)


Hi Karen.

I'm sorry I haven't left comments for a few weeks. I haven't been feeling well and am just today catching up with your prompts. Thanks for each of them. I love the photos of the family. It is so special to all be together.


Thank you so much for pt.Up to date so will be a nice one to do.
Have a great time with the family.It is lovely to be together. My MIL is 95 and we wonder how much longer we will have her. They have seen so much in thier life time
Have fun Thank you Daphne


Love your family photos. Its extra special when you can get everyone together. Great prompt today I too love google earth.


the photos are lovely-special time for you all. Thank you for the prompt as always


thanks for the prompt. I am Paris for a girly weekend and downloaded the prompt to be faced with an awful lot of french yikes!

Haven't read it yet but I know it will be good they always are


Mary Bainbridge

Hi Karen all downloaded thank you

Now come on you planned the colour co-ordination on purpose you know you did perfect for that and future LOs :lol:

super LO btw and Love the story of how to arrive in Bournmouth


Thanks again.

jo sowerby

thanx for another g8n idea, looking forward to scrapbooking the area where i live........loads to choose from
Jo xxxx


Thanks Karen

You are right about photographing families together-you all looked so glamorous and cool.Thanks for the prompt-I love Google maps too.


I'm glad for another prompt, but can hardly believe anotehr week has passed! I am now behind in my pages by 5 projects. I got hung up on the challenges of life because I want to document what's happening to me now. I'm excited to do my home and community. Really looking at it makes me so appreciate our wonderful 4 seasons and the beautiful Columbia River. Thanb you. One day I will finish....

Helen Baker

Thanks Karen, have downloaded. Touched on this one a bit on my last one as I live so close to Christchurch it is hard not to include the are in my favs. Will be fun to go further afield.


Yes, Nigel and his brothers are alike! Everyone looks very happy in these photos. How lovely for them all to be together after all this time!
Love the commemorative scrap page too.

You did look good in your leggings. Isn't it exciting to be able to feel confident when wearing this sort of thing? You looked great!

Thanks for the 52-in-10 link again. Another interesting prompt.. off to read it thoroughly.

Photographing Mom

Your leggings look more than okay!!! They look great!!

Thanks for the download!

Sarah C

What lovely photos of you all. You look fab :D

Thank you once again for the download. Great idea to include that in the album x


What lovely photos of all the family together.
Thankyou for yet another fab point. I really need to get caught up on this as Im loving the challenge.
Hope you've had a nice weekend.


thanks for the download

Sharon Speed

Another great prompt. Google maps here I come. Thanks again.


Thank you for another great prompt Karen.

It certainly looks as if you have had a great weekend!!

My goodness aren't Nigel's family so alike!!

Hope you have a good week, the leggings look fab by the way!!


Julie Spencer

Thanks as always for the prompt Karen - that is another nice challenging one! Love the photos of your family...

Claire Viney

Another fab prompt Karen. Looks like you had a lovely family get together - great photos for scrapping.


Thank you!


Hi Karen,
not sure how to leave you a note apart from this way. I have uploaded 8 lo's tonight, I am slowly catching up. I know there are some missing but I need to hunt for the photos for those prompts.
Thanks again for your time in doing these challenges, I tell you, some of them are really vexing me.


I should have done it via uks...never mind it is done now


oops, thanks for the new prompt.


Another great prompt, love the idea of using Google maps, I think I'll run with that one, thank you Karen.
You're looking tiptop.


Thank you so much for the prompt. Love your outfit in the pictures!


Prompt downloaded, thanks Karen.


Thanks for this weeks prompt, looking forward to getting onto google maps and maybe finding new places to visit also


Thank you.

Mel Weeks

Thanks foe kepping going Karen. Fantastic family pics BTW x


Thanks for another prompt-thanks for sharing your fantastic pages with us!


Thanks for the prompt Karen, Im going to love doing this one, I spend so much of my time as a tour guide for all the family and friends who visit us here, I could probably do a whole album - definately a double page for me too!

Looks like you had a great family reunion - lovely photos of a really special time!


Thanks again:-)

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