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June 20, 2010



love this prompt - I could write a book as to how we have ended up here. Thanks as always

sue (aka scrapcat)

Thanks Dolly


What another great prompt. Thankyou very much. Im planning on getting caught up this week on the prompts that am behind on.


I want to get the pages done but everything else is crowding it out. Thank you for keeping going.


Thank you Dolly :)
I think I take the dream theme... because I have a dream to live since I was a little girl.
Nice sunday for you
Greetings Birgit


Thanks again. Just downloaded 24 & 25 as we were on holiday last week. I do have a good story as to why we live where we do. It has been told many times verbally so good to get a push to write it down.


Not sure which I shall go for ..... maybe both. Thanks again Dolly, Im so enjoying this even if I am behind! lol


Thank you Karen- I'm so enjoying looking back and seeing where you've taken us from to where we are now.


thanks, still playing catch up but enjoying prompts tremendously.


I'm downloading now. Thank you so much!
Hav a nice day!


Thank you so much or the prompt, can't believe it's #25!

Photographing Mom

Thank you, Dolly for the prompt and Happy Father's Day to your man. :D

jean sandford

iv just downloaded the prompt thanks ,now i he time to do it

Claire Viney

Oh I think I will like doing this one. Thanks once again. Hope Nigel has had a lovely Father's day to his fur babies!


Thanks Karen!


Still here, still downloading. Thank you as ever. You'll fall off your chair when I say I've done a layout. Hopefully next Sunday...

Helen Baker

Thank you for the prompt and font too, nearly half way!!!!!

Julie Spencer

Another great prompt - don't know which I will do yet, but am enjoying the whole thing!

Mary Bainbridge

Thank you Karen have downloaded


Thank you! One day I will actually do some layouts, instead of just thinking about them!


Another great prompt Karen :) My story's very simple but still worth telling and I'd probably not have thought of it myself. Thank you.


Thank you for another great pt and card down load

jo sowerby

beautiful card karen. thanx again for keeping us going with ur fab prompts.
Jo xxxx


Thank you Karen for another superb prompt. Hope you have had a fab day.



Ah, yes, well... mine's a bit of a long story! I'll just say that we tried three times to buy a house in this village, before we finally got here!

Thanks for this prompt. I've downloaded my copy, to work at later.

I so love this Course...


another great prompt thanks


Hi Karen, downloading the latest prompt, thank you.
I'm so pleased I've worked out one of the prompts that has been bugging me for a while, hopefully will get at least that one done this week.


Thank you...another one to add to the list of pages to do.


Thanks again!


Love the Daddy quote, so sweet! I downloaded it & I finally caught up my downloads for the prompts. I've barely had time to read them, but thank you so much for this fun class. I'm hoping the summer will give me some time to actually scrap using these prompts!


i think your prompts are getting more and more interesting! thanks for pushing on! and continuing to share...

Lynne Mitchell

Thank you Karen x


Thanks, Karen! Only 5 weeks to go till holidays and I can then play with paper to my heart's content!

Judy Sanza

Thanks, Karen! This is a great one...everyone always wonders how we came to live on Amelia Island. Now I will tell the story.

My husband always gets cards from the dogs. Or, they always sign the cards with their paws and names. I thought that was normal.


Interesting, made me think.


Thanks Karen, Can't wait to get started on this one, even though I'm a behind and its great to keep getting these from you.

Sharon Speed

Another great prompt, thanks again Karen.


Thanks Karen. I'm late this week as we have been away for a few days.


Thanks again, you are inspiring me to get started on this book as have downloaded all the files now. :-)

Sarah C

Thank you once again for a great prompt and the fantastic free word art. Love both and I will one day catch up with the weeks I've not yet scrapped xx

Mel Weeks

Another great one, thanks Karen.


Thanks Karen - you have really got me thinking hard on this one! The home LO's are going to be a real challenge for me - might have to do two pages too, one for home in the UK and the other for home in Singapore!


Thanks for the new prompt Karen, I am working on them

Scrapnanny Chris

I have just downloaded this weeks prompt, A great page to restart my book {no computer or internet for weeks}. I love it.


I had to go back a collect a bunch of pasts prompts. So, so far behind.... Thank you for all the prompts. I will get caught up someday!

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