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May 22, 2010



LOL he won't thank you for digging out that photo!Poor thing.


I switched off the phone and computer and didn't move last night, all just to watch Ashes to Ashes! It was brilliant, so cleverly done. And now the title of the series makes sense! And I know what you mean about the Gene Genie, there was just something about him!


Karen, I loved Ashes to Ashes as well - just brilliant.

My hubby has chicken pox right now and looks just like that photo of Nige. In fact, I just showed it to him and he says Nige looked as sorry for himself as he is!

Helen Baker

Totally agree with you on the Ashes to Ashes front, cried so much but at least they got to kiss in the end - such a brill series, definitely the best thing the BBC have done along with Spooks and Waking the Dead (bet they all get axed too!!)

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