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May 30, 2010



Thanks Karen-that's a lovely challenge today. I have lived in my town for 44 years now but before that our family moved about the county as our dad was in the police force. We have a very simple town crest (which was also on my school badge)and I am really looking forward to scrapping this page. Have a lovely break from school with Nigel. I enjoyed your little mini album on It's a Creative World yesterday-a teacher's family and friends must learn never,ever to throw anything away!!We spend so much time recycling and re-using that we must be the greenest people on earth.


Thank you karen, nice easy one this week!!!- have a good half term

Sarah C

What a beautiful town. You look amazing too.

Thank you for this challenge prompt x


What lovely photos you have taken today. It is pouring with rain here today, typical bank holiday weather.
Thankyou for another great challenge. I am doing some catching up today.

Mary Bainbridge

Thanks Dolly have downloaded must try and catch up this week. but this one I can really have fun with as I love finding the unusual angles and aspects of the town I live in.

Pat MacKenney

each day I look forward to seeing your blog and all the lovely ideas you share, I have even snagged a few lol....Your weight loss is great and you look teriffic. I wish I could scrapbook like you do but with some of your ideas I am improving. My blog is mainly my family life but once in awhile I show my talent .lol Keep up the great work. By the way I am in New Brunswick Canada

Lynne Mitchell

Thanks for prompt 22 xx
You are looking really good, well done on your weight loss!
Lynne x


Thank you so much for the new prompt - I load it.

sue cook

Thanks for this looks like a really good one to get me thinking.

Sharon Speed

Thanks again Karen. I'll enjoy this one as I live nowhere near my hometown and not many people who know me nowadays realise I was born in Cambridge! Keep up the great work. Thanks

Claire Viney

Thanks Karen for another fab prompt. I go to Wimborne every day as our daughter goes to nursery there. We live just outside in Sturminster Marshall.
Have a great half term holiday xxx


thank you for prompt 22 Dolly... I have downloaded and I love it this week.
Have a nice evening !!!

Photographing Mom

Downloaded the prompt! BEAUTIFUL photos!!!!!!


love this prompt, We have only moved around our local area and i had started to collect things for this type of page so great one to do


This will be an easier one for me. Many thanks.

Donna Currie

this is a great prompt! i have been hoarding all the prompts to create my album when i have more time!

i am a part of a wonderful group here in london, ontario, canada that goes otu once a month and participates in photowalk in and around our lovely city. we have found all kinds of cool things and taken thousands of photos that would never happened on our own!

thanks for such great prompts!


Thank you! Interesting prompt, and I've got a bit of info already. Don't think we've got a town crest for Upton, it's not really big enough! But I can use the Dorset one, and the Dorset flag of course!


Thanks Karen! x


Thanks Karen for this week's file. I have downloaded it and will enjoy creating a layout on my town. I am debating doing it about Aberdeen where I was born and lived in the area until aged 22 or a village near Southampton where I now live.


Thanks for the prompt Karen, I'll be able to get out and about with my camera this week. Enjoy your half term.


Lovely village Dolly. Great photos. I've been following your blog all year but this is the first download. Thank you. I'll have my work cut out catching up with the previous prompt pages!!

I posted a comment a few months ago asking if you could share how you acheived your weight loss. I really need help. Perhaps you get heaps of these requests?....


I could fill an album with places that I have lived - but home for me will take some thinking about ....... might have to do a LO about being a bit of a gypsy - Great prompt though and really thought provoking!


Wow, you're right about not getting a true idea of downloads from comments - I just downloaded the prompt (Monday pm) and it said there have been 53 other downloads, but there were only 22 comments!

Thanks for another thoughtful prompt. I like the idea of looking for crests and signs etc - every place has one that is a bit different (and of course they all have the name of each unique place). I think our village has a sign somewhere... sure it does, though I can't remember where it is!! I know we have nice little "Welcome to Oakley" signs on entry to the village, so I'll go and see if I can photograph one.
We may even have a village crest... otherwise there is one for the local town.

Thanks for this!


Hi, another great prompt. I was born in Idle, near Bradford but my eldest daughtr lives in Poole...it is a lovely place to live.


Hi again, I am realising more and more how I could really get into this. I have had a rough few years recently, so I am so pleased to have found some lovely new ideas, thank you for sharing these with us. Hope you and your husband have a good half term and a good rest!! xx


Oh dear ..... still 6 pages I want to do but I am catching up! Loving this project and I just wish my photo skills were as good as yours!


Sorry late commenting this week but it's been a busy bank holiday.
Not sure how I'm going to approach this one as coming from a military family I've never really counted anywhere as home. Maybe my adopted 'home' where I am about to settle will fit the bill - might leave this one a bit to see what other prompts are coming in this section before I decide.
A great prompt again though Karen, thanks alot.


Thank you Karen for another great prompt, which I have just downloaded. I hope my mojo returns soon!!


Thank you for this week's prompt. Look forward to it each week.

Mel Weeks

Thanks Karen. I'm still here and will be 'til the end x

Julie Spencer

Thanks Karen as always - sorry its late but we are now in switzerland and at last have internet


just downloaded - this will fit nicely into my folder


thank you :)


Thank you x

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