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May 27, 2010


kelly luckett

Oh Dolly I know what you mean I do the role of PSA and have to attend similar courses!! I too did not really enjoy this one and found the stats alarming!! I think I have lead a sheltered life (thank goodness for that) On a far more cheerful note I love the LO she is a cutie :)


Hmm... it's amazing how many of those "nice, traditional middle-class homes" hide stories that are too awful to contemplate! The stereotyped view seems to be that it's only "underprivileged, poor" families that have problems with domestic violence, but I know from experience (not personally though, thank goodness!) that this is not a true picture. It seems that wealth or education don't necessarily make any difference. I'm thankful that a friend who was in a truly awful situation finally found the courage to take her children and move out. I hope the younger children were too young to be aware of what was happening - though I fear not. The older ones were only too aware of it. Maybe it was they who finally persuaded her. She herself had some eyebrow-raising tales to tell of others she knew... It's not such a cosy world and those of us who are lucky to be in safe, loving homes need to be aware of that!

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