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May 05, 2010



OWWWW! That story made me cringe! I can appreciate how you must have felt (still feel) about this accident - I've caused an accident to someone else myself and that sick, cold, lead-in-the-stomach feeling is just awful... Waves of sympathy to you, across the aether.....
So glad Fiki's tail (and Kira's paw) is alright. Amazing about the "click" fixing his tail. It may have been that one of the tail-bone joints was out of line and pressing against the nerve - causing a sort-of paralysis. If the joint was clicked back into place, that would remove the pressure from the nerve and allow him to move his tail again. Poor old Fiki!

Cheri Andrews

Accidents like that make you feel bad, but the fact you were willing to pay dearly for emergency care proves you are not a negligent owner. Our cats tend to follow us around like puppy dogs and when going up or down stairs, they always have to get in front. I'm waiting for the day one of them trips me and sends me sprawling head over heels down the steps. They can cause accidents too!


Don't beat yourself up over it Karen it can happen to anyone. My little Border Terrorist had only been with us a couple of weeks and I trapped his paw in the car - trip to the vets clinic and xray later confirmed bruising but not broken thankfully. Didn't make me feel any less guilty though :)

kelly luckett

Oh! Poor baby!!! I was cringing as i read your story!!!! I feel for you both but im sure Fiki milked it just a bit as we humans do when we can!!!!! I did however begin to laugh as you moved onto the other story!!! Boy you are unlucky!!!!!

Love the Lo though

Kelly x


Accidents with cats do happen. When my kitten was only 6 weeks old I dropped a teapsoon on him. I cried for a long time. We have stood on his tail a few times and certaily heard about it from him. He has now lost his tail form an attack by another cat. It was upsetting at the time but now it's one less place to get hurt.


Karen how could you!! No seriously though dont beat yourself up about it because accidents are ...... accidents & thats just the way of the world!! Your gorgeous cats love you still :)

Mary Bainbridge

Oh Karen that made me cry had to walk away until I could see again.
So brave of you to do a page on it and record it here that must have brought the feelings to the surface again.

Judy Sanza

Awww! I know I feel bad when I hurt one of my pugs on accident...stepping on a paw (can't step on their curled up tails) or knock one flying because they get tangled up in my feet. I say I'm sorry, but worry if they really know I am!

It's good to scrapbook the memory...part of life.

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