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May 08, 2010


sarah grant

Karen you are looking fantastic!! Well done for keeping up the gym work - once you start it does become addictive as I have found since I started cycling to work every day! Be careful not to go too far though - we don't want you looking too skeletal :) xxx


You look great Karen. I go to Pilates every Saturday morning and feel it is a lovely way to start the weekend.


I agree with Sarah and Anne and Nigel - you do look great! All the exercise will really help to trim up your shape and give you nice "contours" too! After all, it's not just the weight, but how fit we are, that makes us look and feel better. Just don't overdo it and get addicted... Scrapping is a much healthier addiction than exercise! It's one thing you can't have too much of - unlike housework...

Have a great weekend. I'm looking forward to Prompt 19 tomorrow!

Julie Spencer

I wish I had your willpower Karen - you look great. I love to read your blog everyday, it is always so good to read and your LOs are great. Can't wait for todays 52 in 10 (got up early to see if it was there already!)

Helen Baker

My goodness Karen, how wonderful you look. I have actually gone back to prompt 2 on aims and goals. I needed to take heed of what I said so I joined the local Rosemary Conley group and have lost 5 pounds so far and am so pleased. I really like doing the workouts too so there has to be something good about this exercise stuff! Am just about to download prompt 19 - many thanks for your inspiration.

Jackie Slade

You look fab, and should be very proud of yourself! x

Sue Taylor

Wow Karen you look fantastic, what a transformation! You should be VERY proud of yourself.

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