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May 23, 2010



Thank you Karen-love the flower! Back to planting the tubs now and save the scrapping for later.


Well, i'm still here and enjoying it. Although I am behind, I will do it.

Thanks again.

Mary Bainbridge

Thanks Karen, hope this is not the last prompt cos I am still with you even though I have now got two to do. I do want to carry on till the end of the year.


I echo what's been said before - I'm here for the long haul-I'm also behind but that's because some of the prompts have been challenging(in a good way)and need more thought than others. Thank you for all your work on the prompts.

Claire Viney

I am still going strong Karen and thoroughly enjoying it. Caught up with 2 more prompts yesterday but still need to put them up on my blog.
Thanks a million xxx


Please don't stop posting the prompts. They are very thought provoking and I am enjoying them very much. I appreciate that you have a very busy life, but hope you will continue.


please don't stop - I am using the album as therapy after doing councelling - and todays is just great for that reason !!

Love it and about to go ahead and do it :O) Thank you for taking the time to do the prompts - it can't be easy for you

Lynne Mitchell

Hope these prompts will be for the whole year? really enjoy getting them each Sunday and although I am 5 behind when the weather is bad I will play catch up, loving my album and the ideas and challenges to journal more.
many, many thanks too xx

I believe there are more quietly doing these classes than you believe Karen!

Oh and poor Nigel, fancy showing us his 'poxed' face LOL!!

sue cook

Love the quotes. Quite apt for me at the moment still not caught up ...but I will.

Photographing Mom

Two more weeks of school and then I'm planning a major catch-up!! Thanks, Dolly. :)


Oh I do hope you don't mean the last prompt, I'm still plodding on, although behind. I'm really enjoying it.

Julie Spencer

I am with everyone so far Karen in saying we hope you won't stop. We know it is hard work for you but we are really enjoying it. I don't post my efforts to flicker though put them on my own blog, and we still know people who are doing the pages but aren't commenting!
Thank you so very much for the classes and plese say you will do the whole year!!?


Still with you Karen even though I am miles behind - I will catch up eventually:)


I do hope this isn't the last prompt as I am really enjoying this class. Like a few others I am a bit behind but now im getting myself into a better routine with working less hours I will have time to catch up. I check your blog everyday as you always put fab layouts on it. Love your fabric flower. Thanks for yet another great prompt!


still here, enjoying although a tad behind


Just downloaded prompts 18 up to date - as I've had internet problems - they all look amazing, so thanks Karen! I'm so looking forward to being able to catch up x


Thanks for another thought provoking prompt Karen. I am up to date and really want to keep going for 52 weeks! I LOVE doing year long projects!


Thank you for the prompt - I take it with me.
I want to have this book, so I have to make all the prompts - and I will do it!


Thank you for another brilliant prompt. I am doing them but I don't have a blog, or upload to Flickr. They're just for me, and my future generations!


Just back from a week In Poole! Will download..great classes, thanks


I'm still here too and want to carry on, I'm quite a way behind yet with the actual layouts but most of the journaling is done, I'll definitely catch up eventually. Thanks for all your hard work :)


Thanks for another prompt!


I am still taking part. I have layouts to catch up with but I do plan my theme every week and organise the photos. I really want to carry on with this for the year.
I appreciate the efforts you are putting into this.
I have downloaded week 21 and will enjoy thinking about the many challenges I face at work and generally.


Thank you for another interesting prompt! I would like to do this page - a challenge about challenges! I'll see what I can do with it.
The challenge for today is to do my jobs and then finish a book for a friend's birthday present!

Thank you for sticking with the course, Karen. It's always certain that a project like this will start out with lots of very enthusiastic people, but there will be a steep drop-off in the first half. I would think that there are several determined people who will stick with you to the end -perhaps there should be a prize for them - a special Flikr with their albums diaplayed? A prize draw (maybe we could donate items for a prize - or a couple of prizes - so you can give out a heap of lovely goodies to the winner(s)! I'd give you a "voucher" for my Etsy shop, if you like)


Dolly, please dont stop it. I love the prompts even I am a little bit behind... but I do them. It would be so great to have a book of me at the end of the year.
Thank you so much for your time.

Mel Weeks

Thanks for the prompt Karen. As I understand this is the last prompt on work not the last prompt.....right?
Your hard work is appreciated x


Thanks for this prompt. I've just got photos to add to a few pages and then I'll have done 1-19. Got held up with my crafting because of moving suddenly and having no where to craft for over 6 weeks, but hoping to get right on track and keep that way.

Sharon Speed

Don't stop, I really like this one. I always look forward to each sundays prompt. Keep up the good work! Thank you

jo sowerby

a belated thank you as i have been away this weekend. looking forward to scrapping this idea.
Jo xxx


Thanks, love the flower and very thought provoking.
please don't stop


Great prompt don't stop them. I am behind but will catch up!!

Helen Baker

Just downloaded so many thanks. I do hope we can all finish the year Karen, apart from this one I am up to date and have enjoyed every one of the prompts and my LO's are on my blog so again, please don't stop.


Thank you for another great prompt Karen,still catching up.

I echo what everyone else has said, the prompts are great, those that are still here are in for the long haul, but I do think there are more following this then you think.

T Ann

Same here. Not keeping up right now but loving the prompts


Thanks again xx

Ann S.

Like all the others, I really do appreciate all the work you are doing for this challenge. Thank you x

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