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May 16, 2010



What another fab prompt. I will have to get my thinking cap on for this one. As usual I am a couple of weeks behind but I will get there!! Thanks again.


Thanks Karen. I know what I would like my dream job to be-but alas it will always be a dream.

Claire Viney

Another fabulous prompt. If only our dreams came true.


Great prompt. You do get us thinking


Thanks for the prompt Karen, I did the 'All my own work' class so this time I'll scrap a different dream job.


This will get me thinking


Thanks for this fun prompt. My dream job woud involve baking and cupcakes.

Photographing Mom

Downloaded and thank you!!!


This is an interesting one!It might have to go on the back burner for a while!
Thank you


Thank you! Enjoy seeing everyones work in the flickr gallery.


Thank you! I take the prompt with me!

jo sowerby

dream job............just got that as a health visitor so now i just have to get scrapping!!!!1
jo xxxx

Helen Baker

Downloading and looking forward to another great page to do.


^^^ how lovely to think that it is actually achievable for some, well done, and good luck.
Mine is certainly just a dream, a concert pianist I will never be, but these things do need to be recorded. Thanks Karen.


Need to indulge my fantasy life more. usually too busy. thanks for the prompt.


thank you I did the work book.
So will have a think

Sharon Speed

My dream job - would be one where I could scrapbook all day! We could all have the same pages! Thanks again for a great prompt.


Great prompt Karen ......... thankyou so much ...... loving this project!

Julie Spencer

Another lovely prompt Karen - I know exactly what my dream job would be but getting it down on a page may be a bit challenging...


Thank you so much Karen! Another great prompt to get us all thinking.


been trying to figure my dream job all my life, this will not be easy.


Dream job - easy! Do what I do now (stay at home mum) but get paid for it! (huge salary required, obviously, so I can spend it all on scrapping supplies)
Thanks for the prompt!

Mary Bainbridge

thanks Dolly, downloaded, but I am getting seriously behind will have to think on this one cos I have never fantasised about a job before lol


I have two very different dream jobs so, this will be fun. Thanks again.

Paula Boardman

Many thanks Karen, have downloaded, still behind but going strong!!! Thinking caps on!!

Cath White

Thanks again. Trying to keep up but I feel desperately behind now :(


Thanks for such fun and unique prompts!


Thanks very much xx

Ann S.

This one will really get me thinking! Thanks for the idea x

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