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May 09, 2010


Mary Bainbridge

Thanks Dolly I have downloaded the prompt think I may well do last weeks and this together as a DLO

Julie Spencer

Oh I do like your challenges - something that moves eh! Will have to get my thinking cap on - love what I can see of your page!!


Mmmmmm not sure how to interpret this one ... I live on my own and dont work! lol
Ive got a bit behind but Im determined to do this 52 in 10 year long challenge ..... thanks for all your hard work Dolly x

Jacky S

Many thanks


Another fab prompt. I will have to getthining about this one. Im on hol from work this week so my plan is to get caught up. As I am really loving this challenge. Thanks again.


Another great prompt. Thanks Karen. I will ask my colleagues tomorrow if I can take their photos. I work in a department of about 20 people. I may just do the 2 others who I share an office with.


Thank you Karen.
Our big day here married for 40 yrs.

I now work at home so can see doggies coming in this one.
Thank you for your hard work


Brilliant prompt again, Karen! Thank you so much for your continuing efforts with this - it must be tricky to keep on top of it sometimes.
I'm thinking about this one, as I work at home. However, I think I could say I have 100's of "Colleagues", out there in the online world...


Thank you for another interesting prompt! I spent all of yesterday digi scrapping so now I'm only 2 behind! aiming to be caught up by next week lol!


Thanks for another great prompt, I don't think I'll have enough space for my 50 colleagues so it'll probably be a select few!

Photographing Mom

Thank you, Dolly! I am planning on doing a major catch-up once our homeschool is out for the summer!!


Thanks again. Have caught up a little now.


thanks for the prompt Karen, still waiting for a bit of time to catch up but will do eventually


Thank you for the prompt Dolly... I have forgotten to tell you last week that I have downloaded... sorry.
I am a little bit behind... but looking forward to do it as soon as I have time.
Greetings from Birgit :)

Claire Viney

Another great prompt but unfortunately I haven't done any of the work prompts yet - need to do a mammoth catch up.
Hope you have had a great weekend.


Thank you!


Thanks for great prompt we have all just had our photos updated at work so this is ideal to make a LO of them


Hello Karen,
I've come to the conclusion that some of us are getting as much out of this without actually managing the time to scrap, as those who are! I just love the prompts, and the planning which follows, all recorded in a journal, ready for the day I can actually get scrapping.
If you hadn't mentioned Nigel, today's prompt might have stumped me for a while, but as soon as I read your post, I recalled nursing Barry Sheene in 1982, after his horrendous accident at Silverstone, when I worked in ITU at Northampton General. Hey, I thought, that's not a bad idea, if I can snag a decent photo somewhere. (OK so not exactly a colleague, but it's worth recording, I reckon, don't you?) So thanks, Karen (and Nij!), I know exactly what I'm going to do for this one.

Sharon Speed

Again another great prompt! Thanks - am gonna get to work creating my pages and try to catch up (famous last words)! I am really enjoying this class.

sue cook

Thanks for the prompt. Hope to catch up eventually.


All your 52 in 10 are great. dont give it up. I dont post any thing i do. but i really enjoy seeing what you and other do. keep it up

Mel Weeks

Back on track now after the move. Thanks for all you hard work Karen.


Thank you Karen.Have just been asked to help on a committee so I think that's what I'll scrap.


Hello and thank you

I am way behind but trying to catch up





I take it today - sorry, I'm very late.
Thank you for the prompt!

Cath White

Thanks you. Keeping going.....


Thankyou, just downloading the prompts, hope to read them in the morning. xx

Ann S.

Thanks for another great idea. I'll take my camera to work and try to take some funny photos!

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