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May 02, 2010


Mary Bainbridge

That is indeed a lovely photo of Nigel such an easy pose and so natural

Thanks for the prompt I am retired so think I will do my scraproom and head it Now that I'm retired, may be fun to do it that way.

I caught up on all the rest yesterday and really had so much fun especially with the dream home one they are all on my blog if you want to see them.


Thank you Karen. Like Mary, I am also going to scrap some of the hobbies I pursue in retirement including some voluntary work.
Loved your entry from yesterday-keep up the good work at the gym-you did make me laugh!!


What another great prompt, thankyou. I have a couple of weeks to catch up on which I plan to do this weekend.
The photo of Nigel is really nice, I rarely get nice photos of my oh. Your layout is really lovely. I check your blog out most days as I really like what you do.
Have a nice weekend.

Claire Viney

Thanks Karen - am 3 weeks behind but hoping to catch up today - especially seeing as the weather is so rubbish.
Loving your digi layouts.


Thanks Karen, I am so enjoying this, its one of the only long term projects I have managed to stick to.


Sharon Speed

Thanks again Karen. This is becoming a lovely project about me that I'm enjoying. Keep up the good work!! We do appreciate it.


Thanks from me too Karen! Another great prompt. I have to admit that I have fallen behind a bit too, but will soon catch up. Loads of ideas buzzing round in my head!


Thank you! I'm still adding your prompts to my huge pile of pages to make. Hubby came home unexpectedly (thats the joys of Navy life!) so all my plans went out of the window!

Jacky S

Thanks so much for the download.


Thank you so much for the new prompt, dear Dolly. Today I finally make my scrap for prompt 15, but I want to absolutely finish all prompt in this year - this is so a wonderful idea and it makes me so happy to see, like the book is growing.
Thanks Gabi

Helen Baker

Thanks Karen - I am keeping up with every prompt so far which is a miracle!! As I only work part time, I am going to have to wait until Thursday to take photos of my workplace but may do the layout and add photos later.

Jennie Hart

Thanks, Karen, I am two weeks behind now, so I am going to have a lpay later and catch up. Work is where I spend most of my time, unfortunately, although I do love my job, so it will be good to scrap it!
Thanks, Jennie


Thank you Karen for another great prompt -

Photographing Mom

I'm playing, just a bazillion weeks behind. ;)
Thank you, Karen!


Hi Karen
I'm still downloading, running weeks behind but have put 3 more layouts on my blog today.


Thanks Karen for a great prompt. I often snap photos of my office, car park, grounds, or the area around work. I plan to get some photos of the views I have on my journey. I drive over the top of Portsdown Hill and through the village of Wickham which are all very picturesque.


Thank you Karen
Up todate so ready for this pt.
Great photos of your walk. I am doing the same


Still loving this altho Im a little behind because Ive just got back from visiting my son in Canada. Such a great project and I know at least one of my sisters is following it too. Thanks so much Karen


Still following, Karen, mentally if not physically just at the moment. Still loving every prompt, thanks again.


Hi Karen

Thanks for this weeks challenge - I am still playing along though am way behind. i hope to do a bit of catching up tomorrow though.

Love the photo of Nij


Thank you Karen. I am really enjoying the prompts.


Thank you for another great prompt Karen, still playing along although a bit behind still.


Thanks for another prompt...got them allsaved for a future date!


Thanks for the prompt Karen, I'm still a way behind but will catch up one day :)


Thanks again. Still behind but have lots of ideas jotted down.

Dianne Denhem

Thank you again for the prompts. I am soooo behind, but am keeping them in an album to start soon.


Thanks again for the prompt.I may have to work on the album throughout the next year at the rate I'm going but this is a project I plan to finish. Once again, your 52 Walks page is a pleasure to see - I look forward to seeing them.
Judy from Oz

Ann S.

Thanks again Karen. Even though I am way, way behind, I am saving your prompts for all this free time I will get when I retire!

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