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April 25, 2010


Jacky S

Many thanks for the prompt....and although I rarely leave a comment [time restrictions] I do look at ....and love....your blog most days.

Claire Viney


This should be interesting for a few weeks as I have a bit of a love hate relationship with my job.
Another great prompt - thanks Karen x


Very interesting. I think this may help me get someting said that I am generally not comfortable to say. thank you.


Another great prompt. I think Im going to enjoy doing this one. Thankyou x


As above - another super prompt - i have just found a job (having been made redundant in Dec 08) so will enjoy doing this page!


Thank you Karen. I can now look back at doing the same job as you with humour and fondness-but it's taken me 3 years of glorious retirement to do so. I am going to do 2 pages and the first will definitely be about the best job I have ever had-retirement. Money and material goods are scarcer now-no MX5 or expensive clothes-but the hours and working conditions are GREAT!


You did a good job. Thank you for making me laugh with that page, too!

Sharon Speed

Yes another great prompt to get you thinking. I am a mum who works from home as well as looks after 2 children, the home,etc! So I have plenty to write about! Thanks again!


Thank you again for all your hard work you have put into this project!


Another brilliant prompt! This course is so well thought out and designed!
Love the "job description" on your scrap page - made me laugh.
Thanks Karen!



jo sowerby

as an out of work person this should a challenge, hee hee.
Jo xxx

Julie Spencer

Aha, I have been waiting for the prompt for work!! Good as alwsys and your LO looks fab.

Mary Bainbridge

Thanks Karen will have to think on this as I am retired and don't do paid work. Though I do a charity thing every Thursday so may have to do a page on that.


Another good one! I shall enjoy doing this although I rarely work in paid employment now but when I do I love it still, teaching
Key stage 1.

Helen Baker

Ooh a work one and I have just gone back to the job I did for 16 years so quite apt. Thanks Karen.


Great prompt Karen! Thanks! And I love your LO, you're right, you do look young!!


Thank you! And I do come back to read your blog every day - I love looking at your wonderful pages for your walks and being able to say that I've been there!


Thank you Karen for another interesting prompt! I have just gone back to work after being off sick for 6 months, so things are a bit strange at the moment!!! Your LO is gorgeous!!!


Thank you for pt


Thank you for another great prompt. You look so young and beautiful in the photo. As usual you have created another lovely layout.


This one's going to be fun! Thanks Karen!


Another brilliant prompt. I am leaving my current job working with under fives in July so this would be great one to do now.


Thanks for this, work is on my mind at the moment.

Lynne Mitchell

Thank you Karen, been away on holiday so just picked up last Sunday's... will soon have tomorrow's too!


Thank you :-) xx

Ann S.

Thanks for the prompt Karen. I am just about to retire so it will be good to document my working life.

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