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March 13, 2010



Get well soon! Lovely pics! Is that a fossilised amonite I spy? (3 pictures after the icecream shot!) lovely!


ooh I can't spell! I meant ammonite!

Paula Boadman

So envious Karen, parents live just down the coast in Seaton, so Lyme Regis was always the beach to go it, may get there next week!!! Sorry you have not been well!!


how funny :D I went to England once, and I actually visited this little town Lyme Regis ♥ It was quite windy, but I loved it there. Hugs from Norway :) Mica

Jo Sowerby

lyme regis my favourite place in the whole world, i want to go!
Jo xxx


I love Lyme too.. used to spend many a childhood holiday there and in Charmouth.
remember getting soaked to the skin once walking along the cob..and a huge wave got us. nice!

joy aitman

How fantastic do you look! Karen you look amazing.


Karen...your photos so remind me of ours we took last June when we spent 24 hours in Lyme Regis, I loved it there!! It was our second stop on a 2 week holiday driving the south coast...we truely were blessed with excellant weather, meeting wonderful people, I shall never forget it!x


Karen you look amazing! Don't lose too much more weight, you'll fade away :)

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