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March 28, 2010



Good morning thank you for another thought provoking prompt - it's such a lovely way to start the week! Still a few behind but still doing digi and they are slowly improving-not quite up to your standard yet!
Thank you again for letting us join you on this adventure!


Sorry Karen, I've been a bit bad about commenting. Just caught up with the last couple of downloads - fab ideas to think about. Still not doing much actual scrapping but I'm enjoying following your journey.

Toni :o)


Thanks again. Really enjoyed last weeks although, there were so many people I would love to invite to dinner I decided to do a page about a few I definately wouldn't want to be there ! I don't think it is likely that any of them will ever see my page so I won't be upsetting anyone. Looking forward to doing this weeks. I will try to upload some pictures soon.

debbie s

thanks dolly. looking forward to this one. i am behind but planning to catch up at easter. please dont become disheartened and stop - this is the first long challenge i have done and i would like a completed album to mark my 50th year.


Will love doing this prompt but I still have to invite people to dinner yet!!
Really enjoying this whole project .... it is thought provoking and also motivates me to go and scrap. Ive never worked out how to post finished LO's but I assure you Ive done most so far! Thanks for all your hard work Karen.


Another fab prompt, I'm only a couple behind at the moment, please keep going as I would love to complete this journey with you


Hi Karen, I've been bad about commenting the last couple of weeks too ... sorry ! I'm loving this project and although I'm behind I'm really enjoying it. Thanks again for all the prompts, enjoy your time off:)

Jacky S

Many thanks for the prompt...love this home one.


Love the prompt thanks and hope to look at the ones I've missed soon. Do mean to carry on with this just don't have much time at the moment.


HI thank you once again. We are just about to start on some building work at our house, so will be able to record that.
Really enjoying doing this, never done a years project before, and decided at the beginning of the year, to join in with this journey.
Thank you


Hi Karen. I'm still following along with each prompt. Haven't posted the last few about friends as they're very personal (and not particularly good) pages, but they are in my album. Thanks for this week's prompt. It's got me started on a few ideas ;)


Ooh what a thought provoking prompt!! I will look forward to doing this one. I am currently 3/4 behind but have managed to write down some thoughts/ideas for each one so if I can get a day to myself sometime. shouldn't take too long to catch up. Many Thanks


Loving the prompt - cant wait for Easter hols to catch up!

T Ann

I really like this one thanks dolly. A quarter of the way through the year you say, thats frightening.


still really enjoying the prompts, thanks Dolly


Printed and pondering, thank you. This prompt could be quite sad for me, but maybe healing too. Let's hope so.
Thanks Karen.

Sharon Speed

Another great prompt, thanks very much. I have only managed prompt 1 as a scrapbook page so far, but have lots of notes in preparation for the rest. Keep it going!!


Loving this prompt, and know what I am going to do. Am several behind but still hoping to catch up.


Dolly I so love your prompts and I love my little book so much until today... thank you again for doing this and all your work.
I didnt do the last prompt because I dont know if I should take a celebrity to have for dinner or my first love whom I dont see for 34 years. Do we have to talk about our first boyfriend in one of your prompts later ???
And I changed prompt 11 a little bit.. I decided to make an extra page about me and my sister...she is 16 years younger and I have forgetten to talk about her in the family prompts... hope this is ok.
I wish you a very nice sunday !!!!


Another fabulous prompt Karen! I agree with the others so thought provoking. In fact, each Sunday evening DH and I talk about the prompt while walking the dog! Am I one of the few who is up to date! I am going to post them all on my blog this week. Thanks again and please don't stop!!!!


Thank you Karen for todays prompt, very exciting!!! Still trying to catch up, will post as soon as I am happy with the pages!! I am sure there are more people doing this than you realise.

Thank you!


Another fabulous prompt Katen thanks. Hope the last week of term goes well.


This looks another great one, Karen! So much thought has gone into this... thank you x


i am sooo loving this class. It means I finally scrap me - I never scrap me and my thoughts and feelings- please please keep it going :O)


Hi Karen.... quarter of the way through? Eeeek! I am waaaay behind. Got every prompt downloaded but life, the universe and everything has been in the way a bit lately. I have the easter weekend plus a few days off afterwards so should be able to do a bit of catching up then I hope.
Keep going, the prompts are great and such an inspiration.


Hi Karen its great to on holiday for a couple of weeks I am too so hoping to catch up. Have a planned crafting day with DD this week. Great prompt again. Hope you keep going its giving me inspiration to use all those photos I have


I can't believe we are a quaret of the way through the year already! I have a few pages to catch up with as i have managed to hurt my neck and shoulder and am in a lot of pain. I am keeping them all together for when I am more able. Thank you so much for these prompts. Enjoy your holiday and hopefully school will be a bit less stressful when you return.

Helen Baker

Hi Karen am downloading now and am behind by one week as we are decorating!!! Terrible excuse but my craft room is in bits. Don't loose heart, everyone that is still doing this is loving it and I know a few people who are downloading but not commenting x


Hiya Hope you're uk and are enjoying your hols. Love the prompt I am so behind as I
keep being ill!! Hopefully will do some catching up Easter weekend.
Love Kim xx


Another excellent prompt - I too am a real home lover so focussing on something that means so much is going to be sheer bliss. I can't believe we are at week 13 - where does the time go?

Have a great week.


A great prompt this week, Karen! Home certainly is important to me - I was only considering this fact earlier this afternoon.
I love logging in on a Sunday and downloading your latest, then having a good read of it.. also seeing your fab layouts in the day or two following.
Keep up the great work (please?)!


Thank you for another great prompt.
Love the idea of hideing things

Mary Bainbridge

Thank you so much Dolly all downloaded but again it will have to wait till I get home (rather appropriate for today's prompt). I am going to be home by this time tomorrow and really looking forward to it.
Then hopefully next week I can catch up on the prompts.

Photographing Mom

Thank you for doing this Dolly! I downloaded it and I am striving to get caught up...life seems to be getting in the way. GRRR. LOL!!!

Thanks again!!

Jennie Hart

Thanks so much for the prompt, I hardly ever go anywhere but work and home and that suits me fine! I will look forward to this one, I am loving how my scrapbook is shaping up and can't believe it's quarter past christmas already!
Thanks, Jennie Hart


Thank you Dolly, please don't give up on this
challenge! I am downloading them to work on
this album at a later date. I love reading
your blog as I am a cat person also.
Thank again,


Still downloading, thanks Dolly, I keeping up, just, LOL !

Jackie S

Good afternoon,

down loaded thanks a millio



Good afternoon Karen

I really love the prompt, and having spent 20 years making this house the home we always hoped it would be, I feel very grateful.We have a second home (on two wheels)that we will be taking out for the first time this year the week after next and I need to include our caravan in my scrapping as I love it just as much as my bricks and mortar house. Prompt downloaded easily as always. Enjoy your break.


So sorry I didn't comment last week! I am loving all the prompts and I'm looking forward to future ones! Thank you!!!


Thankyou once again. i went to see the 6 million buttons holocaust memorial at ripon Cathedral. it was very moving and done by school children & artist in w. yorks. see it if you can.

Julie Spencer

Another great prompt - keep going Karen, we are so enjoying this journey. I know it takes a lot of work but we are loving it.

Dawn Hallybone

I've downloaded, love the way you've put this course together with themes running for a few weeks at a time. will be coming back to this once my wedding's out of the way as i want to record all these details for my son.


Hi Karen

Thanks for another great prompt. I do leave a comment eaqch week and am creating pages most of the time. I am just one or two behind. I wll enjoy thinking about this week's theme.


Thanks once again for a great idea. I am saving them up so I can make it a big project as I have several to finish at the moment. I enjoyed the holiday project from a while ago and now have a lovely album of my Welsh holiday.

Claire Viney

Hi Karen

Can't wait to make a start on this one. We moved in November into our dream home so perfect for me to do a layout about it.

I am loving this challenge and my album is looking fab, fab, fab!!!!


Prompt downloaded and added to my growing pile of pages to do sometime! Hubby is home for 2 weeks so I'm a bit busy, but he's away again next Sunday, for over 4 months this time, so I should get loads of LOs done then!


I'm like the others. I check your prompts and download them, but haven't sent any LO for viewing -- just for myself right now. I too am 3 prompts behind, but it takes me more than a week to come up with the way I want to answer the prompt. It's really got me thinking though.


Great prompt- my walk this week was from my parents home to my old primary school. So I have some photos of my childhood home. Can't wait to get this started.


Thank you for this great prompt! I too could become a recluse with very little help - just pay me what I make on the job and I will stay home and play! lol

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