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March 21, 2010



Downloaded early this morning! Thanks again. i'm gradually catching up.

T Ann

OOh you're early today Karen. Thanks for the prompt, I think we have similar tastes on who we would like to look at LOL

Lynne Mitchell

Thank you Karen, another early bird!
Just to upload last week's and then enjoy this prompt.
How strange that our team on UKS were chatting about who we would invite to do a Come Dine with me this past week so I already have a group:)
Well done with Shimelle's 3 week class, it definitely has inspired me to use old stash that I too have been ignoring for a long time!

debbie s

thanks karen - from me and from my best friend in south africa and also from her mum - who i forward the prompts on to.

Jacky S

Many thanks for the prompt....and love your xmas page.


Thank you Karen really enjoying the challenge of all the prompts - and after reading about it on your blog have also signed up for Shimelle's class - there is a small dent in the old stash!


Wow!! I love it. thank you


Thank you for the new prompt - is very funny, I like it.
Thanks for showing your prompt 11 - a good idea, to hide the weaken.


Thank you, Karen, for yet another fun and intriguing prompt!
Love your "use a bit of everything challenge" layout about the seasons. It's fun to see all the "old" embellishments out and in use again.


Thank you Karen for another great prompt. Just about to do last weeks which prompted a lot of debate between dh and dd!!


Great prompt Karen! Can't wait to go downstairs and have a go! Love your LOs for Shimelle's class too, isn't it a great class?:)


Love this one, Karen! thanks for another fun prompt! Helen x

Sharon Speed

Well this is a good one! I will have to have a long think about that one. Otherwise George Clooney wins hands down!!!


I love doing classes too and this is another fab prompt.


thanks for this weeks prompt, i really like your joy of the seasons page


Another brilliant prompt - must get myself into gear as I'm a few weeks behind :(


Great prompt Will have to have a think about who I could invite. Just need to play catch up


Ooh, I have people to ask! ooh Now to think how to scrap them.... Thank you for this prompt, this thinking lark will keep me busy for ages.


Thank you Karen. I have a lovely photo of our table set at Christmas just before Mum died so you can probably guess who I would like to invite to dinner.


Thanks Karen, like Catriona, it's a family member I miss terribly who's coming to my dinner, and seated with us I'm having a 'celebrity' I know he would have very much liked and had much to talk about with. If only it was really possible. :(
E (working on my friend page today)


Hi Dolly, I have downloaded... this new prompt is great. I am a little behind... hope to get ready with this and the last prompt this week.
Have a nice sunday :)


Hi Karen
Loving the prompt and have a good idea who will be at my table xx

Mel Weeks

Another great prompt, thanks Karen. Already have a few ideas for this one. There are a few I would like to invite, but I'm not sure how they would all get on together!


ooh good one this week. Still very behind but am storing my instructions for when I have a few days free (about 2016 I think).

Photographing Mom

Downloaded. :)


Such a great idea Karen, thank you so much, still trying to catch up, gone done with a really bad cold now, but I wont be beaten, it will get done!!!

Paula - Buenos Aires

It´s your blog darling and you use it as you want to. :)
Cool prompt!

Jackie S

as always thank you


Thank you once again! I also enjoy your non-52/10 posts so share a way!

Mary Bainbridge

Hi Karen thank you for this prompt and now you have really done it don't be surprised if you and Nigel and of course your fur babies feature in my interpretation of this prompt. But it is going to be a while before I can do it as still up here with my DD and need to be alone and free before I attempt to catch up.


bit late downloading this week... been tidying my scrap area!! Great prompt Karen, thanks

Helen Baker

Another lovely prompt and a great idea, am really looking forward to this one so thank you.


Hi, thank you, really looking forward to doing this. So different and something i would never normally scrap about.


This is something I did a cj entry on- so I can't wait to do this one!

Julie Spencer

Looking forward to doing this one Karen - as always something just a bit different.


Mmm, family or celebrities? Might have to be a mix of both! Thank you for the prompt!


What a brilliant prompt. One person sprang instantly to mind when I read this prompt - I'd only said to my husband & daughter a couple of weeks ago that "I'd love XXX to come for a dinner party, it'd be fascinating". Now I can take that thought futher.

Have a great week everyone.


Such a wonderful set! I love this card, too - so cheery. I need to get busy!

Natalie Nienaber

Hello Dolly

I have been downloading all your prompts but unfortunately I haven't made any pages as yet. All the prompts are sitting in my head; I am planning my LOs and will hopefully be getting started soon.

Thanks for doing this. Its really great.


Hi Karen

I did downloaded the prompt yesterday and have been enjoying dreaming of who I would invite to dinner. This is a fun prompt. Thanks for making this album so interesting with some serious themes and some fun.

Dawn Hallybone

Another fab prompt, enjoying looking at all the themes your using, will be back to scrapping soon once i've finsihed my wedding planning.
Loving this prompt it's something i've mentioned to OH in the past


Oooo, I like this one, but have a problem, there are sooooo many people I would love to have dinner with, both real and fictional that it is going to be hard to pick just a few!

Now here is an idea for a mini book. A different page for all the people I would like to have a dinner party with, and why I would want them there. Mmmmmm, how long do I have?


Just downloaded the prompt! Fun!



download and read the prompt - partially done the page but without a printer at home impossible to get my celebrities :O)

Ohh and I love that sundays now include your usually blogging. Must admit it was a bit of a miss on a Sunday :O)


Thanks for another great download. Love this one and think I shall have to do two !!

Ann S.

Thanks for the download Karen. I'm really looking forward to doing this one - when I have caught up with the others!


downloaded - what a great idea.


Wow - what a prompt. I'm trying to get caught up and know it will take a while. Will have to think on this one. And how I could scrap it. Thanks.


downloaded.. but still to do:)

Lis Lambertsen

Still running behind.... but still downloading!

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