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March 14, 2010



Thanks for another lovely prompt, I'm really enjoying this project, but would have been put off if it had a price attached, purley as I search for free classes. No reflection on the project it's great.


At the moment I can't afford to pay for anything as hubby is out of work but in the past I've paid for far more "basic" (which I would NOT call your class classes on BPS for instance. I would pay for a class I was interested in as I always need inspiration and you always inspire me.

Lynne Mitchell

Hi karen I would have paid for this class BUT refreshing to have a freebie, so thank you very, very much.
I seem to have been inspired this year by 52 in 10 and even DH keeps saying what a lovely album it will become!!
Thank you, thank you and thank you xxx

Jacky S

A very interesting prompt...thanks. I think £10 very reasonable for a class....but it's lovely to have a freebie.

Claire Viney

I am loving this class and would pay £10 for it. After it is a year long class but saying that we all love something for free don't we?
As for this week's prompt, I could make a whole album just on this one subject!
Hope you have a lovely Sunday

debbie s

thank-you. i havent paid for or even done an online class before but i would have for this one.i dont think it is basic at all. so much work has gone into it.

looking forward to doing this prompt. i am all too aware of my faults and could also do a whole album based on them.


HI wow this is an interesting one- would i pay- yes I would have
thanks again colette

Jo Sowerby

hi dolly, i think £10.00 is too cheap for a year long class as shimelle charges that for some of her shorter ones. however i can understand why some people would like a freebie especially if they are testing the waters. i am enjoying the prnmpts and this one sounds very intriguing. loving the handouts u have really thought about them so well. have a lovely day
Jo xxx


Interesting prompt. Would I have paid? Depends on the price, at £10 for a year long class and with 52 prompts I most def would have done and I think I would be able to say I had had my moneys worth so far!! Thank you L


I agree with the above £10 for a year long class is excellent. Love this class you have put a lot of work into it and we are only at week 11!! Great prompt by the way. Thanks


thank you Karen another great prompt - I would happily have paid £10 and the class isn't basic you've put a lot of effort into it - many thanks for your generosity!


Hi Karen. Another brilliant, thought provoking class! Yes, I would pay for this - you've put masses of work into the preparation of the classes - and loads of "you" has gone into it too. It's not at all basic - I've paid more than £10 for much less! Thank you for doing this x Helen


Hiya, interesting prompt this week not sure where to start!! This is the first online class I've joined in with and it has inspired me to look at and join in others. I would pay for any class that interested me and £10 for a year long course would be value for money but it is nice to have such a lovely freebie. Hope you're both ok Kim xx


This is the first time I have done on online class really, so appreciate being able to poke my toe in the water with a free class, but I would also have been prepared to pay because you have done such a brilliant job with it. However, my card can not be used where you pay with paypal, and because I have been caught before I refuse to use paypal, so that might have stopped me being able to pay for the class.

As for this weeks prompt, as others have said I can probably have done a whole book on these subjects!!!


First I have to say ... I have downloaded!!!
Dolly I love this class so much and its nice that it is a free class.
But I also would pay these £10 for 52 prompts because you have put all your heart and so much work in it.
Have a nice sunday.


Thanks for the new prompt. I'll try to show my weaken and tomorrow I'll be back to see your layout.
Your question is difficult.
If any people pay for the online class and show the layouts in the blogs, they can't speak about the prompt, because other people so know it and they can also take the prompt for himself without paying anythink.
Sorry - my english is so bad. :o(


Just downloaded. I think £10 would be reasonable. I can imagine the amount of work you have put into it. It is lovely to have a freebie though, thank you.


This is the first of the prompts I have downloaded - the start of the year has been busy and I feel as though I can devote some more time to reading through each one now.
Thank you for going to the effort to prepare the class, I look forward to see the rest of them.


I would have paid for the class without hesitation. I am a little behind due to being away the past two weekends on retreats ( lucky me ) and a very busy week at work. Thanks Karen


What a fun prompt! Husband and daughter are laughing their socks off about how I will narrow it down to ONE foible! I would gladly pay £10 as the class is way beyond basic. Off to finish 25 Easter baskets for a charity event on Monday and then I will think about my prompt 11 response.

Jennie Hart

Hi Karen,
Great prompt, great challenge, I love your flowers and I love to make my own embellishments, that's my favourite part of scrapping!
Would I pay £10? Easily for such a great class. Would I have if I was browsing being new to all this? Probably not, what a lot I would have missed!
Thanks again, I now have a sunday morning ritual where I do all the chores and then get a coffee and sit down and finally see what you have for us!
Jennie xx


Worth £10 ? ...... absolutely and more! I really look forward to seeing Sunday's prompt and it has given me so much motivation. I am loving it and want to say, thankyou Karen, for all your hard work.


T Ann

Would I have paid £10. It is definately worth it with all the work and information being put into it, but and please take this is the way it was intended,(as I am loving this class) this is with hindsight, i know its good and worth the £10, but would I have paid upfront...I'm not sure.

For me to do that I would like to have a prompt and a finished work to see together if you know what I mean. (This is me trying to give a constuctive and helpful reply... I am sorry if it came out all wrong)

Love this weeks prompt by the way


Loving the prompts though i am a bit behind. This week's one should get me back on track though. As a year long class for £10 is very good value but I am not sure I would sign up for something that lasted a year. I do love the prompts and the work that has gone into them is amazing.

Mel Weeks

Hi Karen, this one should be fun, when I figure out where to start!
People come to classes at my shop and pay 10€ per hour and a half session each week, so £10 for a whole year is fantastic value, especially as the classes and prompts are from someone as talented and inspirational as you.




(sorry about that last post with nothing in it)
Thanks for prompt 11 another great prompt. I have never done an online class, but I certainly think that your weekly prompts, would be worth a lot more that ten pounds for a year long class, you have covered so much already. I love doing mini books with stamping and inking and if I did think of paying for a class, that would certainly be one that would get my interest. Keep up the good work.


Hi Karen,what a great prompt. Of course, being perfect, I shall have great difficulty doing this one, LOL.
Yes, I would have paid £10 and it would have been well worth the price.

Jackie S

Got it thanks - happy mothers day


Need to think about this one!! I would have paid £10 for the class, Karen, you have put a lot of work into the prompts!!
By the way, I am now up to date again, my last three LOs are on my blog!! I havent always done the challenges but I do love the prompts.


Hi Karen, thanks for prompt 11, downloaded!!
We all like a freebie so thank you for that, would I have paid £10...definately!!! A class for 52 weeks for only £10, amasing all your inspiration and talent is priceless!! Thank you, enjoy your Sunday!

sue cook

Thanks for this weeks prompt, certainly food for thought. £10 for all of these prompts is a fair price I have paid alot more for a 2 hour class at a crop.


I agree. I would pay for the course, especially now that we have done a few prompts and I'm really enjoying it. Also if it meant that Karen continued the prompts for until the end of the year, then I would pay. £10 is a great deal when you see how many prompts there are and how much work has gone into it!


I would be more than happy to pay £10 for this. That would be a bargain I would say. The prompts are of a high quality and we always get to see you layout.
I have downloaded this prompt. Thanks for another interesting topic.


Karen thank you so much for putting your heart and soul into this project! It is so appreciated!!! I would have been happy to pay for the class. As Sharon said in her comment that if you continue the prompts until the end of the year I would be willing to pay now!

Photographing Mom

Downloaded and I know I've said it before...I will get caught up!!!!!!!!


Yes Karen I would certainly pay £10 for this class i think it's been excellent. I did Shimmelle's Journal Your Christmas for the first time and was quite happy to pay for that. I enjoyed that so much itnprompted me to do yours. For the first time I'm behind didn't do last weeks, off to do two now!!!!!


I agree with the majority of others who say that your prompts are definitely not basic and show a great amount of thoughtfulness and so well written. For the quality you have provided it would be well worth the charge. Thank you for all your hard work!


love this prompt, I prefer to make my own embellies. The prompts have been great, well worth a fee, however even better cause they're a gift


If you are going to charge, £10 is not expensive for the class at all as it is very good. I would probably not have joined, however, and would've been put off by a cost at the start.

Julie Spencer

As always a very good prompt and I do like the individual challenges or freebie layouts each time.
Yes I would have paid £10, very cheap for a year long class. I know how much effort you put into everything you do and this is no exception - people who know you personally know how meticulous you are about your work and the care you put into it all.
Helen and I caught up a little bit at Linda's crop yesterday after being away in NZ for a month and we always share our pages and thoughts about them with the other girls who are doing your classes too there are four of us on our table alone! Please don't stop doing them!

Sarah C

Another great prompt, thank you. I'm sure I would have found the money to pay for this class had it have a £10 charge. I know I find money for less worthy things!!! It is nice to have something free, so for that I thank you heaps <3

Liz McCabe

Thanks so much for the promp. The project is wonderful.



I can't wait for Sundays to read the prompt and do my page. Drove me mad that we were on holiday last week LOL. As for the fee - as someone who joins Shim's classes and half the time doesn't do them - for something I am loving and doing I would certainly pay £10. Have more confidence in your prompts they are wonderful and very detailed :O)

I have linked my pages with a weekly sketch prompt challenge from one of my other groups and its working great - 2 for the price of 1


thank you for another though provoking prompt. brain on over loaded working out one fabel....
well worth £10


Great prompt again Karen. I am a little behind as I've been so busy at work. No crafting time for a couple of weeks. However, I do intend to catch up!
You have put a tremendous amount of work into 52in10 and it's much appreciated. Would I have paid £10 at the beginning of the year? Probably not. Not because your course insn't worth it but because I've been saving money as much as I can this year ;)


Thank you for good pt.
Yes would have paid £ 10, Have for Shims.shorter ones.
Yours are always good fun
thank you


Oh dear which of my faults and foibles shall I address first? Great prompt thanks


Thank you, again, for the great course, Karen!

Yes, I'd have paid £10 for it! You explained very well what you were setting out to do and it sounded interesting and fun. I would have signed up to it for ten pounds. So far, it's turning out to be just as described, so it would've been worth the tenner! It's a great course and definitely not "basic".


Brilliant prompt - just how honest do I want to be with myself....
I may have thought twice about paying at the beginning because I didn't really know your work - now I know how brilliantly you put this together I feel it would be well worth paying. (my fingers are crossed that you have something in mind for the future!?!)

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