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February 13, 2010



It must feel great to go out and buy these clothes in much smaller sizes.


I can see that enforced clothes shopping could be a bit stressful, even if the reason is such a positive one!
Maybe a silly question, but is it worth looking for a local dressmaker/tailors and getting some of your best clothes altered to fit you again - if they were expensive and still have plenty of wear left, then it might be more economical; not to mention the fact that it means you can keep your "favourite old clothes" a bit longer!


Great suggestion Lizzie. I had my clothes altered when I lost nearly 3 stone in weight. It's also a good incentive not to pyt the weight back on again but you haven't got the larger clothes in the wardrobe just in case. Having said that I have put some of the wieght back on so the clothes are a bit tight. Well more than a bit actually


Wow!! That's incredible. How did you loose the weight?

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