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February 12, 2010



Oh Karen, I'm so sorry you're getting negative comments about your way of losing weight :(
I think you're doing fantastically and only you know what will suit you. Keep up the good work ! I think some people must be very jealous - I know I am. Well done you! xx

karen Butfield

Gorgeous LO's Karen. Ignore negative comments about your weight loss - only jealously. I think you have done amazing and I admire your will power - you are an inspiration to others, keep it up gal. :) xx


Hi Karen - I think you are doing a marvellous job on your diet and yes, different things work for different people but then isn't that whole ethos of life - I gave up smoking two years ago (after 30+ years) and everyone was giving me advice but in the end it is what worked for me. I think there may be a bit of the 'old green eyed monster' about.

Jacky S

I think you're doing wonderfully with the weight loss....and must do what works best for you.

Cheri Andrews

Karen - gorgeous layouts! Love the spot recoloring on the lion, and the close-up of those snowdrops really does evoke the feeling of purity!

Mega congrats on your weight loss! However you are doing it, the point is you are getting the excess weight off and that in itself is a very healthy thing to do. I couldn't agree more that you have to do what works for you (I'm still trying to figure out what that might be for me) - certain health issues can rule out entire diet plan options. Right now I'm trying the "real food" thing - avoiding all processed and packaged food - and it is difficult to find good "real" food in the winter!

Cheri Andrews

P.S. link to "scrapdreamie" blog is broken. I went to check it out because the name is so close to mine (scrap dreams) but it doesn't work...

Judy Sanza

How dare they criticize you! You look marvelous! They are jealous and not worth a minutes notice. Enjoy your flowers and nice clean home....Blessings!

I am still working on the family pages and I am really enjoying them. Thanks so much for the prompts.


Well, there are always people who disagree with choices made by other people. That's how life is. Of course, it's not really their business how you choose to lose weight, so I suggest you just carry on.
The only concerns would be if you were not making certain you were getting the correct balance of nutrients (esp. Vits, calcium, vit.D, vit.C and B Vits...) and enough healthy fibre. Cos then you might be causing yourself some problems longer term.
As long as your diet plan is temporary and sensible, there shouldn't be any reason for you to worry, whatever remarks you get.

The fact that you've lost a lot of weight will surely encourage you to re-think your diet and lifestyle. Now that you're a much more healthy weight, you can try to build in an exercise routine as well, so you'll stay fit... that has to be a good thing!
Anyway, you look pretty well to me!


Dear Karen
I'm so sorry that people are giving you a hard time about the way your losing weight.
I agree with the other comments, you have done really well and look really great and it's probably people who are jealous of your great achievement. Keep up the good work and I'm loving the 52in10 project although I'm a bit behind.
Enjoy your well earned break
Love Kim xxx


Karen, your weight loss is amazing. People should admire you. I do.
Enjoy every minute of half term. You deserve a break.


Enjoy your half-term break! Love the LO's. xx


HI Karen
Like the other comments I'm sorry you have been receiving negative comments.
You have been doing what's right for you, and suits you. From the photo's you are looking fab, can't wait to see you in 'body' 0 going to the air show launch party? won't forget my camera this year?
As another comment say's you are an inspiration to others, keep up the good work and I look forward to our paths crossing shortly


Don't let any unkind words discourage or demotivate you. You are doing well and should enjoy every minute of your success. A good degree of jealousy creeping in me thinks???
Have loved this weeks fur baby layouts, they are just gorgeous.


Fab LO's - love the snowflake one especially. The simplicity works beautifully.

Mary Bainbridge

Oh Dolly {{{{{{{{{{huggles}}}}}}}}}}so sorry you are getting negative remarks re your weight loss. I think you have done remarkably well and look so good for it.

Love your LOs too.


Honestly! Some people are only happy when they make others unhappy GGGRRRRRR!!!
You have every right to be upset but you also have every right to make rude signs & blow raspberries at them :0 Go on .... I dare you!! lol xx


I think everyone else has just about said it all with regard to your weight loss. I wondered if the negative people think that you are a pupil at your school and not the Head. Do they really think that you are stupid enough not to know about nutrition? Well, obviously they do think that or they wouldn't feel the need to tell you which just shows how stupid they are. Girl you are doing great! I is envious I is taking inspiration from you and starting my own weightloss regime on March 1st - need a goal

Kirsty Brown

Keep up the good work with your diet. I know exactly how you feel having done Lighterlife 5 years ago. Actually it did me a favour as I wanted to prove them all wrong! This is the only diet that works for me so again I know what you mean.

Well done!

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