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February 26, 2010



Fingers crossed for Nij that it is something that can be repaired and not a permenant loss of hearing. Hugs to you both


Fingers crossed for Nij - hoping for the very best for him.


Ahh, hope poor old Nigel's ears are soon okay again. If it's any help, I've had tinnitis from time to time, since I started having problems with vertigo attacks. I'm sure it is connected to my back injury. However,that is definitely better and the ears seem to be improving too. Hopefully, Nigel will find the same thing. If it's caused by goo in his ears, the antibiotics may do the trick anyway; with luck it will heal up and he won't be left with pesky tinnitis longer term. I'll remember him in my prayers.xx

I will also include you, as it seems life is a bit rough for you just now. I hope that you start to feel you're getting to the end of some of those jobs and making progress.

I like Dawn's new kit - the blues and the embellishments are really good. Suits that great photo from your walk very well too!


Healing vibes for Nj. I hope he gets well soon.
We once added up all the extra hours/sundays/bank holidays/twilights/days in hols to go sort out classrooms/etc etc and it turned out I had less days off a year than all the others sitting round the pub table. That shook quite a few people's thinking about teaching and long holidays up I tell you!


Jeans are looking good! Fab LO. Get well soon Nij, and hope work calms down a little for you soon x

Lynne Mitchell

Well done on losing weight having that kind of week, I had got to that stage when I took early retirement. I was getting into school at 7am, coming home at 7pm then started work at home from 9 - 1am every week day and Sundays it all started again.
I really don't think people realise what it is like in education and I think it has got worse
(((hugs))) for you both xx

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