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February 28, 2010


Claire Viney

Argh you can't stop! I hate starting a project and not finishing it. I am really enjoying doing it. I never scrap about myself so this is the perfect excuse to do it.
Hope you have a lovely Sunday and Nij is feeling better
Claire x


Again an excellent prompt, well better get to it, what else is there to do on a rainy day like today?


Thank you Dolly - I so look forward every sunday morning to seeing what you are going to challenge us to this week!


I do hope you choose to carry onwith 52in10. I never scrap about myself and this is the perfect opportunity. I have enjoyed every prompt so far, and this week's is no exception. I'm off to make my page now.


Hi Dolly, I truely hope you don't stop this project. I have fallen behind only because of personal issues with myself but am uploading all the prints and printing them out and slowly catching up. I will be putting them onto my blog soon and will leave a comment for you to check them out if you wish to. This project has really brought to the fore front alot of things that we forget to be thankful for and the memories we forgot about until a prompt is mentioned...I truely hope you continue with this. xx Tee

Susan Watson

Please please dont stop

I now I have fallen completely behind with not even 1 page fully ready for uploading. I will persevere. I am finding this hard due to personal circumstances but it is giving me something to focus on. I think I will just have to finish off the prompts I can for now and leave some either out completely or leave till later in the year. This is the first thing like this I have ever wanted to join in so I really really appreciate all your hard work. I will let you know when my pages are ready so you can look at them

Have a great week and hope poor Nij is better soon

Suzy xx

Jacky S

Many thanks for the download.


Karen, I can only echo the above comments- don stop please!!!!!! I think life sometimes gets in the way for all of us, I also have some catching up to do. DH is 50 next week (hehe) so am going to have lots of ammunition....oops meant inspiration ;)
You have done such a fantastic jo so far, i certainly brightens my sunday mornings!!


please don't stop, I'm loving my album.
off to download prompt


Please don't stop the project. I am loving doing it, and look forward to the prompts every week. I usually have a go at it as I am cooking the Sunday dinner. It has become a sort of ritual now! Some of the pages are a bit raw at the minute as I am trying to be brutally honest when doing them, and don't feel I can share them at the minute, but you are a great inspiration to me to get things down however much it hurts at the time. You are doing a fantastic job, please carry on. :)


I don't want you to stop either! I am loving your prompts and I too like to finsih a project once I have started it! I am afraid I haven't left a comment most weeks, and have not shared my LOs, but I am up to date! Thanks so much for this project.


I so look forward to checking these on a Sunday morning, I never, ever scrap about myself and gosh it even forced me to set up a mini photo shoot (on a timer) as I had no pics of me under 10 years old!! So if nothing else it has forced me to do a few pages about me, I have to admit to loving this one though, perhaps because the film is my DH's fav of all time


No no no Dolly... please dont stop this project!!!
It is so much fun.. I never have made a book about myself and I so love your prompts.
I have downloaded now and wish you a wonderful sunday!!!!!


Ditto all the above - although I have fallen behind I am religiously downloading the prompts and loving each one. I am forming ideas in my head - just haven't got the time at the minute to transfer them to paper. We are loving what you are doing Karen, don't stop :)


I'm still downloading but have a project I must finish then I will get back to this album. Please don't stop, I've written down ideas for each prompt I haven't done (most unusual for me) and got some photos from my Sister that I don't have.


I have downloaded promps each week and look forward to them. I have only managed up to number 4 so far but am determined to do them all. So please don't stop.


I have also downloaded all the prompts, not done them all yet but do know what i am going to do. so please carry on I LOOK FORWARD TO SUNDAY MORNINGS


I'm loving the prompts Karen, I've a couple to do to catch up but like others have said life (especially new grandsons) does get in the way! Thanks for all your hard work and I hope Nij is feeling better very soon.


My two sisters and I are following this Dolly and we are really enjoying it ...... please dont stop ...... Sundays wouldnt be the same without checking the latest prompt out! I cant imagine how many, many hours you have spent on this ..... thankyou x


You can't stop this as Im really loving it and it is giving me the push to get back into scrapbooking. Im loving all the prompts and look forward to them every week. Thanks again for a lovely prompt.

T Ann

Another comment to say please don't stop.


thanks for the download it's much appreciated


Hi Dolly Snr I am keeping an eye on this project, but started SO many in January that I can't keep up! I still absolutely love it though and plan to have a few days where I pick out the prompts that I have an idea for and do them. Document 2010 has fallen WAY by the wayside for me, and i'm only just keeping up with other stuff so maybe thats what other people are feeling too. I'm still thoroughly enjoying your pages and prompts though :) X Dolly Jnr x


I hope you don’t stop, I so look forward to it. I don’t always do the page as set out, but it puts me on the right track, and gives me the guidance I need. I really do appreciate all the work that you have put into this project


downloaded, tho i am a bit behind, so haven't done the last few weeks. hopefully will get more than one done today:)
thanks for doing these, they have encouraged me to put at least something down in writing:)

debbie s

like all the others above have said, please please dont stop. this is something i need to do and to finish. i was thinking the other day that when i am dead and gone my children will know so much more about me and what makes me me, than they do now. their eyes would glaze over if i tried to tell them now.

DragonsLady (aka Francine)

Even though I might not keep up, I appreciate your prompts. Please don't stop and I'll try to do better - once an upcoming vacation is over. Getting ready for that is a bit of a pain.


Thanks for this weeks prompt. I would be disapointed if you stopped too. I've been steadily working through all the prompts and may not always be up to date but I am grateful for the inspiration and ideas you give every week so that I can hopefully end up with great project.


Thank you for another great prompt. Just back from a retreat but really looked forward to seeing the download. Please dont stop, finding it really inspiring - and I am only two weeks behind now!!


Thanks for another great promt. I really look forward to seeing what the theme of the week is on a Sunday. I would not like this to stop. I have just been slow in doing prompts 6-8 but am working on them and have downloaded all prompt so far. I will continue to do so.


Hey Karen, I'm still with you, doing 7 and 8 today, healthily distracting when you don't want to think about other stuff.

Have downloaded and printed 9, and will plan it on night duty, as I always do.

Look after that boy of yours - I mean 'twolegs' of course.


Thank you Karen. I don't have a blog but I am really enjoying this project. Having recently retired from doing the same job as you, I understand that this is a huge amount of work for you even though you love scrapping. If you do decide to stop then I would understand as it's bad enough feeling stressed at work without feeling that you are not being appreciated for taking on this really interesting and in my case, cathartic exercise. Thank you again for all you have done so far and hope you will keep the project going in some way for the rest of the year.


I am still down loading when I manage to get a moment though i have had time to create yet. please don't stop

Sharon Speed

I agree with everyone else, please don't stop. I am merrily making notes each week and very soon intend to get started and create my album. But i intend to download the prompts each week. This is a great project. Thanks!


Thank you for todays prompt! Please don"t stop!!! I am really loving this project. I appreciate all your hard work and generosity in sharing this project with us.


Please don't stop-rest assured that lots of us are loving this . Keep up the good work....Thanks xx

Lynne Mitchell

Karen I think what everyone has said, says it all and I left comments on your blog re Nigel. Take care and thank you xxx


Still dowloading, but running behind on the actual scrapping - but I will catch up.


My sundays would not be the same- please continue!!


Ditto all the above - this is a fabulous project and I really hope you feel able to keep it going. I really appreciate how much of your time goes into it. I'm fully up to date just need to get thinking about "friends" - love the idea of using stamps as I too have a huge mound of them but only tend to dig them out when going cards. Still haven't worked out how to upload onto flickr yet - that is work in progress!


Dolly I am so proud because I am all caught up at this moment... you can see my prompt 8 and 9 on my blog if you like.
Its the post from today... please scroll a little bit.
I will also post at the flickr group soon.
So many girls are wishing you dont stop 52 in 10. I really hope you change your mind!!!


Oh! If all the people who have commented above are still downloading the prompts each week, then I think that's a good reason to keep going!
We do appreciate all your hard work and it would be sad not to see it through - on the blog!
I haven't even made any pages yet (and still can't get Prompt 5 to download!), but it doesn't mean I never will, nor that I don't love following the project through other people's work (and yours).

I hope Nigel is soon on the mend. x


Hi Karen
Just downloaded prompt 9 I am really enjoying the project! After being ill for 3 weeks in Jan I'm so behind with my project but have most of my layouts planned just finding the time to actually put them together! I hope you are able to continue with the project but I understand the stress that comes with a demanding job so if you do decide to stop will fully understand.
Hope Nij gets better and that fur babies are all ok. Love Kim x


Oh please don't stop Karen, I am loving this project. I have to admit, having a very disfunctional family, that the past few weeks have been difficult and I haven't got around to doing them all. Add that to the fact that I have had a mad week with work and I think I forgot to comment last week after I downloaded!! Anyway, have downloaded this weeks and will catch up soon, promise. Hope Nij is better soon. Kay x

Cath White

Please don't stop !
I am downloading and creating in those 'spare minutes' in the week ! Or maybe catching up more than one when I can.
Looking forward to making this week page :)
Thanks for all your hard work :)

Jackie P

I'm sorry Dolly, I don't always find time to comment and I am not up to date with the prompts at the moment but I do appreciate the time and effort you are putting into this project and how much it means to you.

I would love to see you continue throughout the year and sharing it on your blog.


PLease don't stop. I did the first few, but am behind now due to failed computer/printer, but have enjoyed it. I also may not do every prompt due to time. But I look every week.


Thank you so much for all your hard work, it is appreciated! I am currently working on my Book of Me, and your prompts are giving me all sorts of ideas. Not many pages made yet but I'm getting there. Please don't stop inspiring us all!

Arky Helen

thanks for the download - am enjoying this project, although have fallen a little behind while I hunt out photos!!

Jo Sowerby

oh dont be despondent dolly, we love ur prompts. i read them every sunday and am looking forward to putting them into practise everytime i read them. u should continue, even for urself but please for all of us followers of urs, we love u.
Jo xxx

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