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February 21, 2010



Good morning Dolly... what a great story about you and your teacher!!!!
I have downloaded this prompt... thank you a million for everything you do for us and all for free... I love 52in10.
Have a wonderful sunday :)


What a wonderful story. Thank you for yet another great prompt

Claire Viney

Love your story. Got me thinking! Love Claire x


Thank you so much for the new prompt and the wonderful story.
I will do my best, to creating a fine LO.
It's so interesting to think about myself, make all the considerations and I love to see, how the book takes all the informations and pictures and it will be a very good picture of me.
Wish you a nice weekend!


Thanks again for this, I really must get the last few up and blogged!


Wow!! I love this weeks- my drama teacher came straight to my mind and as a result of her fantastic support i too became a drama teacher- loving the project



what a wonderfully inspirational story Great prompt again Thankyou

Jacky S

What a great story....thanks for the prompt.


A great prompt, thank you. I've never had a mentor or someone whom I really looked up to in real life, but you've made me remember who influenced me in choosing my career without her ever knowing that she did! I'm off to make my page now.

Jackie S

Well the snow has saved me from feeling guilty about not wanting to go out - so scrap scrap scrap. Thankyou


Thanks for the prompt, this project is really making me think.

debbie s

thank-you - about to download prompt. have tears in my eyes after reading about your page.


I really like the theme and your page.Thanks.


Thanks for such a lovely project - really enjoying it.

sue cook

Wow! What a thought provoking prompt this one is. Enjoying your prompts.


Wow this is a prompt to make me think. Loved the story.


This has really got me thinking.Thanks for yet another interesting prompt.


Hi Karen, what a great post! I love this weeks prompt, thank you for continuing with this project, it is such a great journey. I'm a bit behind, not done week 6 or 7 yet, and I won't have a chance to do this one this week either as I am away with work from later this afternoon. Hopefully I can catch up soon!


Another great prompt Dolly, thankyou. Your story is such a lovely one.

DragonsLady (aka Francine)

Thanks Dolly, I can think of several inspirations from my Mother and Grandmother to Diana Trent on "Waiting for God". Don't know who I'll do but it probably won't have a picture.


Your teacher sounds wonderful. This prompt is may be tricky but I've still got to catch up with the others.


Thank you once again for a thought provoking prompt!


Thanks Karen! I have all the details of the ones I've missed on my blog and hope to get caught up shortly :)

Lis Lambertsen

Great prompt, thanks Karen.


Thank you for the prompt and the wonderful story.


That is a wonderful story. How lucky you all were to have her!
I had a teacher tell me I would "never" pass my English A level. I didn't at school.. I went to college the following year and took it that year - and passed it well, thank you!
But we had a fab Maths teacher, called Mrs. Childs, who got me through my 'O' Level with the grade C I needed (maths not being my "best subject" hmm, hmm). She sounds very like your teacher - she didn't shout and was always very pleasant. We respected her immensely. And she was a Great teacher!

Thank you for sharing this story.. it is lovely to remember these people who have such an influence in our lives. I've had several in mine and I am so grateful for the little things they did, that made such a big difference to me!

Mary Bainbridge

Thanks Dolly downloading as I type. Looking forward to this one as I can do my Dad because he was so very special to me and encouraged me so much.

I love your story of your teacher, I had a teacher with that same compassion and I loved her so much.


Thank you for another thoughtful prompt.

Paula Boadman

Thank you Karen for another fantastic prompt. Just love your story, I had a fabulous History teacher, whom I know inspired so many people!!!

Way behind but definately catching up!!

Sharon Speed

Thanks again Karen for a great class. Its lovely to think sbout me for a change when scrapping. This one has got me really thinking..


Thank you for the wonderful story that is a great prompt in itself! I will have to do several layouts as different people come to mind!


A lovely story Karen, will add this prompt to the "to do" pile! LOL


Thanks very much for prompt 8. I loved your story & layout too. :)


Here's my 12x6 page for a great Week 8 Prompt. Thanks Karen,


Love this weeks prompt. You were soooooo lucky to have such a brilliant teacher, who was really interested in you, it makes such a difference.


thanks for the prompt and for sharing Dolly. I've just completed this page too.I had a teacher who truly believed i could achieve things and go to uni. without him, i wouldn't have applied! sadly i never got to say thank you as he died 3 months after i left for uni. Thanks for reminding me:)


Thanks Karen! Catching up on prompts!!


this is a dificult one.... may catch up with this later

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