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February 14, 2010


Claire Viney

Karen I am enjoying this so much I am stalking your blog every Sunday from 8.30am onwards. I am always in the top couple of comments.
This one will take some thinking about. Last week's was fab but the page turned quite emotional and so I have not posted it up but it is safely snuggled in my album with others.

T Ann

Me too, I have been hanging around this morning waiting for the next prompt. I love the sketch, thank you.


Can't wait to get started on this week's prompt. I still have last week's to do so will be very busy (and enjoying myself) crafting today. Thanks for this inspiring course Karen.


Thank you for another great prompt - and a big thank you for the template-it looks super-I'm determined to keep doing digi lo's-one day mine might be as good as yours!!

debbie s

me too - the stalking comment, that is. even though i didnt get to bed until 2am i woke at 7am ready and waiting. thank-you

Lynne Mitchell

Another stalker here, I was here early so read your blog.
Happy Half term and I know what you mean about having to buy ALL new clothes and finding you don't know what you want AND finding all the sizes are bigger sizes than your new smaller size!! Well done karen on the weight loss too xx

Love sketches so a very happy bunny, thanks xx


Just downloaded the sketch, off to sort my stash to take to my crop. Thanks Karen, I love sketches.


I've just downloaded the prompt and the sketch, I love using sketches. I've still got last weeks to do but it's half term so plenty of time for scrapping! Thanks Karen.

Jo Sowerby

thanx again karen, trying to keep up........failing but that's just me. happy loveday
Jo xxx

karen butfield x

Downloaded fine, thanks for another great prompt. x


Many thanks, have downloaded. I've only managed to do two pages so far but I had lots of ideas in my head.


Thank you. Have downloaded and have a lot of thinking to do.


Love the scetch Karen.Ironing or scrapping-guess our wardobe will be crumpled this week!


I can't believe we are all turning into such Sunday Stalkers! I am always eager from about 8.30 as well! Love the sketch, working from sketches lets me think more about what I am doing, rather than where everything is going to fit, even if the finished page doesn't always look much like the original sketch! Thanks for another brilliant prompt this week. :)


Another inspiring prompt, can't wait to get cracking, and yes it's a Christmassy one for me!
Thanks Karen, you know you have achieved what nothing and nobody else has, got me scrapping again after a year's gap. And I'm keeping up - I can't believe it!


Great prompt and love the sketch. Now need an idea.


Wow!! I love the weeks when you really make me think!
Very proud of myself for keeping up todate

Thank you

mary evans

Thanks for another great prompt Karen and a lovely sketch.

Jackie S

thanks for all your continued hard work - now to decide, scraproom or ironing eerrrmmm wonder which way I go lol


Love the template Dolly, thanks so much :D


Another fantastic prompt Karen. You have put so much work into this course and its really appreciated - its finally got me motivated to scrap, last year I hardly produced anything!!! :) x


Another exciting prompt. Thanks for this and special thanks for the sketch. I am not a digi scrapper so am delighted to see a sketch here. I will love using this. I am looking on the sketch freebie as a lovely Valentine's gift.


Thank you Love sketchs.
Will do Valentines ,as we had Mr Valentine as children and always kept Valentines up .
Thank you !!!


Thanks Dolly for another great prompt. Im loving doing this course. This afternoon im going to get last weeks done and hopefully get this weeks done. I don't know where the weeks are going. Thanks again x

sue cook

Wow. This looks really exciting. I definately must make a start else I won't catch up.Where has the time gone?

Cath White

Thanks so much. I am really enjoying keeping up !
Looking forward to each new prompt :)


Thank you for both the pronpt and the template, I am a bit behind but loving the whole thing.


Thanks for the template and another inspiring prompt!

Paula Boadman

This is so inspiring Karen, thank you for another great prompt and sketch, still trying to catch up and keep up, will upload once i have found the appropriate photos!!!

Jacky S

Many thanks for the prompt.

Sharon Speed

Thanks again Karen for great inspiration. Have downloaded the prompt and sketch and will get to work soon.


Another fab prompt I love using sketches. Managed to catch up yesterday at my local crop


cant wait to get started on this weeks. love the sketch.


Wow, a free layout template too... we are spoilt! Thank you very much Karen!

I have posted this in my blog's News column (right at the top, as it deserves).

Downloaded both. Will try to make good use of them at some point in the near future.

Just a note. I haven't mentioned before, but have now got to the point where I'm stuck... I have tried a number of times to download Prompt 5, but for some reason it just hangs every time and never completes the download. All other prompts have been fine. Any clues?

This class is great. I'm not actively doing the layouts, but I am enjoying the experience of seeing yours and everybody else's, while benefitting from the ideas and thoughts that it is generating.


Happy Sunday Karen.

Successfully downloaded, now off to spend a little time in my "playroom" putting this page together. Thanks again (great sketch).


Thank you once again, great stuff


thanks for all the hard work you have done for this I'm really enjoying it. Have just downloaded the prompt and digi template x

Photographing Mom

Downloaded both and I will get caught up!!!
Thank you!


Well, I've done some catching up Karen, and had great fun. I have posted layouts for Prompts 6 and 7 on my blog here:


Hi Karen, have download today's prompt and all the others but I'm very much behind although I've made notes to what I want to do.
Have a crop this weekend so I might manage to do them then.


Thanks for this weeks prompt Karen - am loving it (as I have all the others). I am way behind - still on week 4 but will keep going and catch up soon I hope.

DragonsLady (aka Francine)

It's a great challenge, don't know if I'll be able to finish it - I don't think I've got two pictures for the one tradition I can think of (must be too early (10:40 am and I've been up since 5:30 - don't really think it's too early - but my brain could come up with no traditions and I know I've got some - now, talk about routines, that's easy but they're more like weekly or monthly.) But your template might actually work on another challenge I've got. So, it's a kind of win-win situation.


I have you on google reader so I'm a stalker too lol. Thank you for a digi template, I'll will definitely use it soon. Really enjoying 52in 10. Thanks Karen.

Mary Bainbridge

Thanks Dolly downloaded and going to have a peep at the pdf in a mo.
Not sure how I am going to do this as did traditions for the JYC so will have to think hard to find something different.


thanks for all your hard work pulling off this incredible, thoughtful project! i have downloaded each week and thoroughly read thru and enjoy each one. i have far too many projects on the go just now that i need to clear off my pile. when i have a bigger block of time i will go thru the prompts and think thru and enjoy the process!

thanks so much.


Thank to so much for these prompts. I am really enjoying them. Thanks for the addition of a template with this one; helps take the stress out of coming up with the layout!


Thanks for the prompt and template!


Thanks for another great one !


Thank you. Just downloaded 3 to 7 as I have been away. Just need to find some photos not already scrapped.


Thanks for another prompt. Must admit I still haven't started most of the challenges - too busy doing pages inspired by your Walks pieces, lol. Prompts are no problem to download but PC is set so that I can't download from 4Shared without unticking some box (my computer ignorance means I have trouble finding the right folder!). No worries, am happy just having the sketch. Judy

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