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January 04, 2010


jo sowerby

well done on the 2lbs weightloss. those frosty pics are amazing. wish i could figure out how to print my digi LOs out on my printer so the colours stay tru. even on best they're nothing like it
Jo xxx

Sudoku Print Puzzles

You took pretty pictures even if I don't like Winter. I also plan to lose weight but it takes motivation to follow a daily routine. Congratulations !


Karen - I downloaded and read the prompt. I'm not sure I'll be able to keep up with a layout a week given all the other stuff on my plate, but I'm going to give your prompts a try and see if I can incorporate them with the templates from Design Your Life class (two birds...). Also wanted to say thanks so much for the treasure your moments download. Awesome!


What beautiful pictures. Thank you so much
for this challenge. 5210 is just what I need to get me back to scrapbooking again properly. I have downloaded yesterdays prompt, covered my album, done an intro page, sketched out and done draft of the journaling to go with.Thank you this is more then I have done over the past 6 months!


Really enjoyed your Christmas album so I thought I might give this project a go. Last decade saw major changes in my life. Your frosty photos reminded me of just one of those changes - marrying a Scot & moving from Oz to live in the Highlands where I too delighted in taking pics of snow & ice, very different from the tropical area to which we hve now returned. The PDF worked well - I'm so glad you didn't use 4Shared as I can't access it now that I have Remote Access Not allowed ticked on the computer ( a hint from UKS)


Beautiful photos even though I, too, hate the cold!


Love the LO and the photos are fab.

Well done on the 2lbs off already.


I uploaded my LO from prompt 1 to the FLICKR site (user name Moogieof4) and I did find scrapbooking an old(er) photo quite challenging. But it's rare that I start & finish a LO in a day. I like being part of something bigger than just me. Thanks.


gorgeous photos and a lovely layout. It looks as if you had a lovely walk together.
J was back at school today as well. Usual last-minute crisis - he asked for his dance kit at 7:40am. I managed to find his clean joggers and a plain t-shirt before he had to go out - but he was not popular! I hope your term gets off to a good start and it all goes well.
I'm not sure how I will do with the 52 in 10. I have a number of projects on the go, so I may not be able to do all of it. I think I'll probably follow all the goings-on, but not necessarily do all the activities. Still, I think it's exciting and I wish everyone a successful year of scrapping (especially you, Karen!).

Mary Bainbridge

I love your walk 1 page and all those lovely frosty photos are superb


Great frosty plant photos :)

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