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January 31, 2010


Jackie S

Good Morning,

this week will be difficult for me as my disfunctional family can be a challenge.

Here goes.

thank you


debbie s

thank-you. i get up early on sundays these days, waiting for your prompt.


Thank you again, some very thought provoking stuff but as it is part of my story it needs to be recorded somewhere, so thanks for the prompt and push to do it.

Susan Watson

Thanks again Karen

Will put this one in the pile to do.

One day I will get up to speed and get the pages uploaded.

I am really enjoying this challenge though


karen butfield x

Another great prompt Karen, thanks. x


I was waiting for this prompt Dolly... thank you so much for doing this for us... you know I love it.
I have downloaded and think about the challenge.
Have a very nice day :)


Thanks Karen - taking this and last weeks to my crop so I can get caught up - really like this one!!


Thank you - managed to do last week's last night, so will be onto this as soon as I've done my domestic goddess bit for the week!


Thanks for the prompt Karen. I will difinitely be doing it and adding the page to the rest in my 12x6 album.

Jennie Hart

Thanks, Karen. I am now on holiday so I am starting the project today, thanks for the inspiration! Jennie xx


I really look forward to these prompts. Thankyou Karen. Now to get my thinking cap on .............

Jacky S

Thanks for the prompt...at moment am just saving them all.


Thanks for this weeks prompt.....I shall ponder :)


I look forward to your prompts each week.

Fantastic project.


I was really looking forward to getting to the computer to see what the prompt was.I enjoyed doing last weeks.Thanks for this prompt, now off to rummage through my photo box.


Another great prompt downloaded successfully - I've been ill so I've got 3 to catch up on! xx

Helen Baker

Thanks Karen, can't wait to start on this one. I must get a notebook out for all the things that are flying around in my head from the prompts that you have given us. Loved the beach huts photos x


Hmmmmm another thought provoking one. My family make the Adams Family look normal! All downloaded and ready to go. Thanks again Karen for such a wonderful project!

Julie Spencer

Another great prompt Karen - I really must get my photos together better to keep me up with all these pages - one of my faults, totally disorganised! Looking forward to this as always.


Thanks for the prompt Karen, I might have to do a double page for this too. I love the quote you used :)


Another fab prompt!!!! Love the quote about family being like fudge - so true :)


downloading now...thanks mistress of scrap!! lol


Thanks Karen. You work so hard on these and it's great to share your special year with you in this way!

If you pop over to my blog, there's an award waiting for you to collect!


thank you for another super prompt - it's quite easy to scrap about other people -this is definately taking me out of my comfort zone! Not a bad thing!

DragonsLady (aka Francine)

I like this prompt and hope to have it done before next Saturday. Thanks for all you're doing for us. (I uploaded my prompt for yesterday to our Flickr group.)


Thanks Karen for anoyher great prompt x

Sarah C

Thank you Karen for doing this for us all year. I'm sorry I've not commented before. I am downloading the prompts so that when I get crafting again, I have them ready to use.

Love what you've done so far and looking forward to the rest. xxx


Thanks for an other great prompt. I think this one will have to be a dlo as i have quite a complicated family!!

Mary Bainbridge

Thanks Dolly downloaded and off to have a think

Photographing Mom

Thanks, Dolly, and I'm still working on week 4...


Thanks for prompt 5 ... still working on prompt 4 but I'll get there!


Thank you Karen!!

Paula - Buenos Aires

I startled my hubbie when I shriek ...the dragonfly as I saw the detail in the pdf. ;)
I´m so behind it´s no longer funny, but I promise to be a better pupil in February Miss. :D


Thank you Karen for your thoughtful prompts. I'm so glad you also include the page you've already finished-it gives me something to start get the wheels moving and I am also enjoying reading about your life! Many Thanks!!!!

Trina Kison

Thanks so much hun.
I really like this prompt this wk.!!
Cant wait to get started :)


Your pages are wonderful Dolly !!!
I am ready, I have done a page without big words... just a scrap and some embellishments.
You can have a look here
Please scroll down a little bit... and the page is in the group as always.
I am looking forward for the next 3 weeks and I am so curious whats coming next.
Have a beautiful sunday evening... hugs Birgit

Dianne Denhem

Thank you for another great prompt. I am really enjoying this project.


Hi Karen. thanks for the prompt - look forward to showing you what I'm doing on your Flickr group. x


Another fab LO


Thank you again for the wonderful prompt.
Here (http://internetfaszination.blogspot.com/2010/01/projekt-52-in-10-prompt-5.html) you can see my LO.

Sharon Speed

Thanks again for this, it's really getting me thinking..
I haven't yet made up any pages, b ut I have a notebook with my pages written out! I'll catch up soon!!


Thank you for what promises to be a complicated page! Dysfunctional doesn't even begin to describe my family!! But thank you for the prompt to record the gruesome details!


Playing catch-up now!


I'm just downloading this prompt. I'm really pleased with myself so far with this project - I am up to date with it, and I am learning how to digi scrap at the same time! Thanks for the inspiration!


I like this weeks prompt it is quite apt for the week I had. I'm just dipping in and out Dolly Snr but all your pages are fab! Think I'll join in this week :) Your prompts are really good thank you :) Dolly J x

Judy Sanza

The prompts are so good for me (and I see for others too). I too have trouble deciding what to do and how to do it. These help greatly. My only problem is that I could make several pages for each prompt. Again, thank you for your hard work and care.


Thnaks for prompt 5 Karen. I cannot do any just now but will catch up in a couple of weeks...hopefully by then I would have come up with an idea for prompts 4 and 5.
This new shop floor is killing me and that is just moving all the stuff out of the shop, its like I have climbed mountains...lol
hot bath and bed, when the workmen have gone.
many thanks for the challenges which challenge me to think outside the norm.

Helen Baker

I have finished prompt 5 and loved it ...... I have to keep up with them all as we are going on holiday so then I will only have a few to catch up on!!!!! Thanks again x


Another great prompt, i'm a little behind but intend to get caught up this weekend


I have done this week's page Karen and enjoyed it very much. Here's the link

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