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January 02, 2010


Heather C

Karen, you are looking just fab!!! Keep up the good work! Please pray for me, as started my journey yesterday. I would like to lose 85 lbs in the next 13 months, before we go on our trip to Israel.


Pray for me too, I need to lose 28lb by May for wedding!!!!

You look brilliant well done!


Congratulations on only gaining so little over Christmas, I haven't ventured on the scales yet.


Well done on such a small gain over December. Hope you can get back on your regime ok.


My diet deserted me over Christmas, but I am back on it today too. Glad to hear you had a good Christmas.


congrats on the weight loss! I am starting on my new healthy eating plan this year.. probably the week after next.

I downloaded the prompt just fine!


It's so true, you do look Fab! I've just been looking at your First Prompt page for 52 in 10 and you look so much more fit and healthy in your 2009/10 photo!
The picture above of you playing Guitar Hero does not look like a pic. of a lady who will be 50 this year!
I hope that encourages you in your quest to lose just that little bit more (and you're right, losing too much is as bad as getting too overweight!)

Sharon Speed

Your 52 in 10 class looks great, I may try and follow it!


such wonderful photos karen - and congrats on your weight loss!

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