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January 01, 2010


Debby Brown

I think an introduction is not a crazy idea at all: it sets the scene and reminds you, and your reader, what is to be covered. Of course, at the end of the journey new areas may also have been covered and that is fine too.

As you are a teacher you feel the need to structure your albums and I would agree with you that makes sense. I work on the other side of the fence to you, in a way, as a learning support assistant for a student in a University. It is a big part of my job too to share my knowledge.

Thanks for all your great ideas.


Jackie P

I love your introduction page and will definately do something similar myself and I think I will even make a start today.

You have inspired me so much Karen and I can't wait to start 52 in 10 with you on Sunday.


Hi Karen,
I pop in from time to time and really need some crafting motivation so hope (with some trepidation!) to join your 52 in 10. I have never attempted such a long project and am a little bit scared!

Looking forward to Sunday!


I've made my introduction page too! I'm making this project in atc size. I've never embarked on a project like this before, so I wanted something small which doesn't seem to daunting. I rarely take pictures as there is only me, so struggle when it comes to scrap pages. Also with it this little I'm hoping I can take it with me when I travel to Cambodia and Vietnam during the summer holidays.
Looking forward to the first prompt, and the challenge of miniturising it (think I just made up a word!)


Love your page, and the idea. Hopefully I'll get a bit of time tomorrow to have a play and do my own intro page. I have hardly done any scrapbooking for OMG 3 years now -maybe about 8 pages so this project is just what I need to motivate me again. Can't wit til Sunday - thanks.

Mary Bainbridge

I think this a brilliant idea and am off to do a page myself
I think I am going to do both digi and IRL so will find a 8x8 album to use.


Beautiful intro page, Karen. I'm still busy having fun making my cover but I was thinking of doing an intro page too once the project started and I was more clear on the direction we were going. Can't wait to get started!


That is a wonderful page, Karen and I love your reasons for starting this project. I feel honoured to be invited to be a "friend" to share your year.
I think an introduction is a great idea. It gives you a statement of intention - something to go back to, if your ideas are a bit thin, or your resolve is weakening.
After all, 52 weeks are a long time.
Happy New Year and I'm looking forward to Sunday.


I have a quoteation block too ..with affimations on it for each day :) Good idea to use them!


Lovely page Karen - I would love to join you on your journey - but am sure I will fall by the wayside - I usually do. LOL .However I do intend to keep dropping by to see your prompts as I find your pages inspirational. You look fabulous by the way - so cling tight to that wagon of yours!Oh - and being 50 is the new 30 by the way!!
happy New Year!

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