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January 24, 2010


Lis Lambertsen

Downloaded prompt 4. This is going to be a lot of fun for me - I'm one of those eat/sleep/breathe music types - if I could have my iPod implanted in my head I probably would :-) Off to try and narrow this down to a couple of layouts (I could do albums... and already have!). Thanks Karen!

Claire Viney

I love music and just cannot bear to be in silence. But I think this prompt will take a bit of thinking.
Love your page for this week.


Oooo, now this one is going to be hard in the fact that I have way too many pieces of music that I love, but lovely and easy for the same reason! Love the page you have done, well done on getting Robo to behave as well!!! :)

debbie s

thank-you. dont know how i will ever manage this on an 8x8, which is the size i am doing. looking forward to it.

Lynne Mitchell

Oh this looks fun, downloaded fine once again!
I am not a great lover of music, a visual not auditory person but I know the music I will try and journal!!
Thank again xxx

karen butfield x

Downloaded fine - thank you. Like the rest a difficult one as I love music and my taste is so varied. Really loving this project - thank you so much. x


Love this one - good excuse to spend the day flicking through the I-pod and listening to my favourites! Looks like the ironing will have to wait (again....). Thank you so much - I am really loving this project.


This looks a lot of fun, thanks for the prompt.


I have just downloaded this. I'm off now to have a read and think while having a nice mug of hot chocolate.


I have downloaded Dolly... thats a cool challenge... I think I will remember the music when I was a teeny... my fav group was The Sweet... oh how I love them... esp the singer Brian Conolly. Later as a young woman I felt totally in love with Oldies like Elvis, The Tremeloes, The Lords ect because my boyfriend at that time was a guitarplayer in a group here in town and they played this songs.
Love this prompt... thank you :)

Jackie S

Good Morning,

Prompt 4 recieved - over and out

JS x

PS loving taking part - thanks


Prompt downloaded easily. Love lots of songs but know which I am going to choose. Making a CD is a good idea. Love the prompt

Susan Watson

Thank you once again Karen - downloaded no problem

I have still not quite finished Prompt 1 and 2 but am nearly there. Promt 3 giving me a bit of a problem so I will leave that one for now

This one will be a good one so will have a think and will try to get some finished pages uploaded either on my blog on the flikr group



Thank you again for the whole concept. Have downloaded this prompt and will probably find this a lot easier. I haven't done prompt 3 yet. I know what I want to say, but not quite sure how to say it, so I may leave that page for a while and come back to it.


i'm really excited about this one, got lots of ideas already :) I still haven't done prompt 3 because I can't come up with anything to do, I'm going to leave a space in my album and hopefully something will come to mind later on.


Downloaded no problem Karen - thanks.

Haven't decided which particular piece of music to use as I have a number of different songs that mean alot for different reasons so choosing one will be difficult - going to enjoy trying though.


Thanks for the prompt, I'll have to go and have a think now.


Have downloaded - thanks. I remember records and the first one I ever bought was Russ Conway!!!!!!


Thanks for the prompt, something to ponder on whilst having a walk this afternoon.


I´ve just downloaded promt 4. I haven´t done anything on promt 3 yet. I like doing these promts while travelling, and next week I´ll spend 3 hours on a boat. I´m sure I´ll get them into my journal then!!


Mary Bainbridge

Thanks Dolly have downloaded
Love your LO looks so striking in b&w


Thanks for the prompt. I love music and using song titles or lyrics in layouts. I'm going to think about how to do this one I like the idea of the first record though


Hi Karen
Loving the prompt this week and downloaded it with no problems. So much music and so many memories! I've already got a cd of some of may fav music so will have to include it on my page!! x


Hello Karen

I have a wonderful CD compilation from our 40 year school reunion and there are lots of 60's tracks just waiting to be scrapped.
Your photograph shows how hard you have worked since August to lose wait and get fitter. Well done.


this sounds like fun, thanks for the prompt

DragonsLady (aka Francine)

I've downloaded but don't know if I'll get to the scrapping. I love music - my current favorite is Blackmore's Knight. Blackmore is the Richie Blackmore of Deep Purple fame and Candace Knight is his wife. They create and perform Renaisance type music which it just exquisite.


Best prompt yet - and I have loved them all! Thanks Karen

Helen Baker

OOoooh am really looking forward to this one, found the last one much more challenging than I thought but good to push boundaries.
Many thanks


Hey I can do this! The song is engraved on my heart. What a fab prompt Karen.

(and Francine if you read this, I LOVE Blackmore's night, Candice's range is exactly mine, and I love to sing the songs. My fave is Now and Then, and also her version of Diamonds and Rust)


Jennie Hart

Hi Dolly/Karen (sorry not sure what you prefer!)
Love the prompt, in fact all of them. Like you, work takes up lots of my time and most of my energy, what's left goes on my two small boys so I only get to scrap for about 4 hours a week(none this week!). However I am on holiday from next sunday so when I have downloaded prompt no 5 I will be able to immerse myself in my stash and create all week! I quite literally cannot wait, it's worse than waiting for christmas when I was little when I'm waiting for my crafting time! Anyway, thanks again for this project, I have printed all the prompts and I am semi-scrapping them into a companion piece, they are far too good to discard!
Take care, Jennie x


Ready... yeahhh.
You can see my page on my blog Dolly and I put it as always in the flickr group.
I love the challenges and at the end of this year it will be an amazing book.
Looking forward to next sunday... have a nice week :)


Another great prompt, what fab albums we will have when the year is finished. Still need to do prompt 3 but have the photos ready.

Julie Spencer

Well,this will be different! I love music and always have the radio on but which song to choose....


Another fab LO. I love George Benson.


Thank you for this fantastic prompt. I just love your project and this is my page for this week

still here is my blog:


Thanks for a great prompt Karen. Neil Diamond and his wonderful lyrics have meant a lot to me, I could easily make quite a few layouts inspired by them!


Great prompt Karen and I'm really enjoying taking part in 52 in 10. I haven't chosen one particular song but have written about the importance of music in my life.
Here's my link


Me again... I have forgotten the link to my blog... sorry Dolly
here it is


Thanks for this Karen. btw I have left you an award on my blog.


After breaking my heart on prompt 3 Ican now have something to sing about...ah, but have you heard my singing??? lol
Thanks for the prompt but I may be a bit late over the next 2 or 3 weeks but will catch up asap.
Thanks Karen.


PS. I have a blog but it just sits there as I have no idea how to use it and I have no time either...so no link...and I would not know how to give you one either..sorry, I am pretty useless on computers as it took me long enough to find out how to leave you a comment...lol

sue cook

Thanks for the prompts which I have downloaded. I must admit I've not started yet but have got some ideas already in mind.

Louise Pettman

Decisions, decisions... Loads of possibilities for me here. Thanks


thanks for another great prompt. will upload to my blog when ive done it :0)


Downloaded! Love George Benson as well Karen!!! As its our 25th Wedding Anni I am going to do a LO about our wedding for this one.


Hello Scrapdolly, I've just finished my JYC and was looking for a new challenge when I found your blog through UKScrappers. Perfect! Thank you for taking the time to make us all stop and think and leave our memories behind for those that come after us.


Have downloaded 4 no problem many thanks

Mary Bainbridge

Hi Dolly I've found the way to do prompt 4 and it is on my blog http://craftycreation.blogspot.com/2010/01/challenges-challenges.html and in my gallery on UKS
if you want to see


Hi Dolly, thank you so much for the new part! It was a very nice prompt again. Here is my Scrap: http://internetfaszination.blogspot.com/2010/01/projekt-52-in-10-prompt-4.html


I have finally plucked up the courage to get technical and blog

You can find my album and pages below


Thanks for a great challenge

Chris (Scrapnanny)

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