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January 03, 2010



Fab LO and I think you look fab as well.


Where do we share our done lessons Dolly... I thought there was a link in the morning on your post but I cant find it anymore.
I have made a doublepage for this prompt... it was so much fun... wooohooo !!!


Thank Dolly, this prompt looks good. one of resolution sis to start scrapping again and im using your prompts to help me!!! have downloaded number one and hoping to carry on through the year

Judy Sanza

OK Karen, I've downloaded and am rarin' to go! Wow! Just made a list of what has happened and changed in ten years. I hadn't thought about the changes, losses, gains, blessings. Thank you so much. Good to think back and be thankful.

Bless you for your hard work.

Jackie P

No problems downloading Karen and really looking forward to starting this.


Thank you for this. I am really looking forwards to doing this, and I WILL do it even if I get behind. I will just keep downloading the prompts and get it all done eventually.

I adore the first prompt, and I tend to always scrap looking back nostalgically so it will be really different to look at it without focusing on the now too much. There is loads to cover and I have an idea how to do it. The pdf took hardly any time, and has come out great.

Thank you


Prompt downloaded and saved. One major difference a decade ago all my photos weren't digi so will have to hunt down a photo to scan.
Thank you the lovely comment on my blog.

Sally Boylett

Hi Karen,
I only just found this! Very exciting and WELL DONE YOU ... the download worked well, and I'm really looking forward to the next 51!
Thank you so much.
Sally x


Thanks for the download, I am halfway through and just need to find some photos!


Very fast download-need to find a photo of 10 years ago. It wasn't a good time in our lives so I'm not sure if there will be one.


I've just downloaded the first prompt. Look forward to joining in with this. Thanks :)


Download worked fine. Great prompt. This has got me thinking what was i doing tens years ago such a lot has happened. Well better get on with it!!


Hi Karen
Downloaded with no problem. Am really looking forward to this and having to journal!
Val H.

Jane Thorpe

Wonderful prompt and yes the pdf worked fine for me too!!! I've done my page and it can be found on my blog at http://escapingthecity.blogspot.com/

I've added the link to your blog and details about the project!! I'm so looking forward to following along all year :)


Thank you so much! After easily downloading the pdf, I was so pleasantly surprised as i started reading the prompt. I love all of the content you provided! Amazing, and interesting, intro! I truly look forward to participating in this challenge! It is the doorway back to scrapping for me.


I can't figure this out - I seem to be the only one with a problem trying to download. I've tried several times and each time it says "The file is damaged and cannot be repaired" :( Any ideas what I can do?


What a great idea. I think finding a picture from 10 years ago will be a bit difficult! LOL Since nothing was digital. I guess I'll have to go dig through the archives. :) Thanks again for doing this.


hi! i think this is the perfect project for me! thank you for your ideas!!


Thanks Karen - worked perfectly! :)

Just need to get it done.


Downloaded it just fine! I can't wait to get to work on prompt number 1! I have been so excited for this to start.....thanks for all your hard work!!


Download went fine, prompt was brilliant
this will be the first project I've done and there were alot of changes for me in the last decade so I've got loads to journal!


Thanks Karen, I've downloaded it with no problems. I also joined the 52in10 Flikr Group!
I'll put this up in the News box on my blog.

What a great response you've had so far! Isn't it wonderful?


Here is a link to my 52in10 Blog. Not really big, I have to work on this...



Hi Karen, downloaded fine here.
Good first prompt, I have a terrible memory and will borrow DH's to remind me what I've been doing the last 10 years!! LOL
Looking forward to the journey with you.
SamG xxx


I'm looking forward to getting started on this one. It downloaded fine. Thanks for all of your hard work setting this up for us.

Trina Kison

I already posted a comment this morning about the first prompt and explained how excited I am to partake in such a fun year challenge.

I didnt end up doing this page about WHY I was doing 52 in 10 but I did create a front page for my art journal.

If you'd like to see it, you can view it here, at my blog:


Thank you agian for letting others join this year long journey with you :)


Hi Karen. I've just downloaded the first prompt. I'm hoping to take part in all of the prompts - it was my big 50 last year and I didn't get chance to do anything, although lots of photos have been taken! Good luck with the weight loss and well done on all you have lost so far. It's a great feeling. I've lost nearly 3 stone since the middle of May and have got another 12lbs to go, so hopefully the end is in sight!
She x

Mary Bainbridge

here is a link to my LO for the first week. Thank you again Dolly I know that I am going to enjoy this challenge.

Lynn Donnelly

Thanks karen - I'm saving them all for next year when I'll be 50 so I've plenty of time to think about it and pick up some ideas from you and every-one else LOL


I've completed the first prompt - and LOVED it. Thanks for getting me started Dolly - I'm gonna really enjoy this challenge :)

Babs xx



Thank you for the prompt... I promise to try and complete them all! :D

Helen Baker

Hi Karen
Thanks for the download and the idea - really needed
something unique to start the year and my sister Julie told me to have a look at your blog. Looking forward to starting this project and many thanks,

Helen Baker

Hi Karen
This is a great idea and a really good start to the next decade. Julie my sister asked me to have a look at your blog and I understand why now, you have some beautiful pages. Many thanks and look forward to this year.
Best regards


I've downloaded the prompt and had a look at the FLICKR pool and am excited to start. Thanks for leading this journey... I hope to tag along.


Easy download, PDF is a great read and has inspired me. I've only just started scrapbooking and have done 1 page so far and so I hope to follow this project to keep me going with this...

Thanks for the time and effort you have taken to do this PDF (and future ones)


Hi Honey!
It was fine to download and I hope to join in with all these people. I think the propmt looks fabulous...very professional...well done, I am proud of you, as usual.
And yes....you def look younger now than on your 40th birthday.

Jeannie Reed

I've downloaded the first prompt and I'm looking forward to getting started.I've nearly finished JYC and 52 in 10 is perfect to keep the momentum going. Thanks Karen!

debbie downes

hi there downloaded no probs,this should be a good one as this time 10 years ago i was very heavly pregnant so the picture's will be totaly different,thanx for this debs xxx


Thanks very much for this. I look forward to having a go at the first prompt & will see how i get on :)


Downloaded absolutely fine - thank you for doing this!



Thanks for the prompt. I too am celebrating a big birthday this year and I think this might be just what I need to record the next year. The prompt downloaded fine by the way.

Alison Anderson

Well done Karen, this looks great. Thanks for the time and effort you have put into it. I only hope I can do the prompts justice!



My first LO is up, thank you Karen!

Trees xx


I take the challenge!! Ten years ago I was 18, now I´m 28 (obviously). A lot has happened, both good and not so good :-) I´m working on my BOM, so I´ll add these pages in that!

Thank you for your promts!



I love reading your blog Dolly, so i've downloaded your prompt, and look forward to getting started. I hope its ok to put your link on my blog too.


Just completed my lo! Thanks for the inspiration! I shall try to upload tomorrow (too dark now to take a photo!)
Rollllll on next week I say!

Julie Glasgow

I love, love, love this idea. I am right on board. I have finished my journalling for the last decade, and hope to incorporate it into a scrapbook layout. I have been wanting to do a scrapbook that is all about me. This is a terrific jumping off point. Thank you for sharing your idea with us. I am very excited about this.

By the way, the file loaded with no problems.

T Ann

Better late than never. I am here too. I couldn't print the file without saving it to my PC first. But I have it now and will try to get this one done before the next one is posted, I really dont want to be playing catch up this early LOL

Photographing Mom

Finally got mine up at my blog!!

Trina Kison

I had SO MUCH FUN doing the first prompt!!
Thank you so much!!
I cant wait for the second :)

If you wanna check out what I did, feel free to vist my blog-


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