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January 03, 2010


Claire Viney


I have just downloaded the first prompt and it has worked fine - haven't read it yet but am looking forward to doing the project. Luckily no big birthday for me this year but I always do my projects about my 4 year old daughter so I have decided to actually do one on me this time.
Thanks for hosting this challenge and for all the hard work that you have and will be putting into it.

Claire xxx

karen butfield

Hi Karen,
Have just downloaded the first prompt (worked fine) and have read it. I feel this challenge is just what I need this year for various reasons.

As already said, thanks for all the hard work you have put into this challenge and looking forward to taking part.

Karen x

Jackie S

Good Morning,

got it and here we go

Jackie x


Morning Karen, file worked fine and I have printed it off to read and think about.

I might not manage everything during this project but I'll try and keep-up with the journey - thank you for letting us all travel along with you.

Toni :o)

Lynne Mitchell

Hi Karen just downloaded the file, very quick and easy and love the journalling idea to reflect back on 2000. Off to look at me in 2000, I was 55, taking early retirement with a reduced pension from teaching and like you I was heavier then LOL!!
Well done to on your weight loss, you have done incredibly well in 4 months.

debbie s

downloaded quickly and without any problems. only had a very quick look so far. almost certain i dont have a photo of me from 2000 - always taking the photos, being very careful not to be in any. that will have to change. really looking forward to this challenge.



Well I've downloaded it..............that's a start isn't it?


downloaded fine - interesting prompt, thanks.


Downloaded - no problem. Great prompt. Have to see if I can find a photo from way back then. No digital camera in those days.


As I dont tend to do myself too much in my scrapping I was watching this with a little trepidation, not sure if it will be for me. My biggie this year is our 30th wedding anniversary, and I can see now how your wonderful prompts could be turned to 'us' rather then 'me' So thank you very much Dolly, I can see this is going to be fun. Ideas are already zooming around my head and I just need time to get started.
BTW PDF downloaded fine.


I have downloaded... it was easy Dolly... thank you for this prompt.
Now I have to look for a photo in 2000.
You are such a lucky girl for your weight loss. For me it was the other way... you will see it on my before/after pictures..lol

I am not so sure if I shall do the 52in10 digital or hybrid... I am very very new with paperscrapping and dont have enough stuff... perhaps I can mix both... we will see.

Wish you a nice sunday... greetings Birgit


Hi karen downloaded the prompt no problem i wouldn't be nervous it looks fab too me love your first page and dare i say I think you look younger now:)



Hi Karen - looking forward to this as it's my "big year" too (age not size!). I wanted to mark this year somehow and this is the perfect way - so thanks x


Thanks for the wonderful challenge, prompt link worked fine.
Looking forward to seeing all the pages now


Good morning, Karen.
I've just downloaded your 1st prompt without problems. Looking forward to this project.

You're definitely looking younger and healthier now.


Speedy download, printing right now, making a folder to keep the prompts in,lol.
It's certainly going to be a soul searching one for me, but hopefully cathartic.
Thanks for your hard work, I'm sure it will be worth it for a great many of us.

Jacky S

It downloaded easily....and a great first prompt.


have just downloaded the first prompt, thanks. Have also started my diet again, inspired by your page!


Download is fine, thanks. I love your LO and I have to say I think you look younger n0ow that you did 10 years ago! Ogff to read tyhe prompt again


Downloaded fine Dolly! I'll have a proper look tonight but I just wanted to say - the next year is gonna be great! Don't doubt yourself - I don't!

Babs xxx


Hi Karen,

Just downloaded the prompt - thanks. Thanks going to get me thinking. Off to do some housework now and think of some ideas for the journalling. Really excited about this whole project

Jayne Page

Thanks for the prompt, Definaetly something i have wanted to do for a while but not been able to do, I promise i will share so you can have a look see, not sure it will be magazine standard but it will def be me !!

Can't wait for next week,

Jayne xx

Linda Pierce

Thanks for the prompt Karen! Here's Mine:


Hi Karen, the prompt downloaded easily for me too, and that is an acheivement because I am using an old clunky laptop that is still running acrobat 6!!!! I think you are stealing my thoughts though because I was pondering on the past decade and all that has happened only a week or so ago!


PDF downloaded quickly and easily , thanks for all your hard work. I'm really looking forward to this project. Happy New Year to you all :)


Wonderful first prompt! Thank you so much for sharing this project with us!


hi Dolly, downloaded and ready to go :) scrapping with fee Izzy and sandra tomorrow so will start mine then. Thanks hunny
val xxx


Looks great!


Hi Dolly... its me again.
Please can you tell me what kit do you used for the label 52in10.
I think I do my pages first digital and do all with the same kit.
Perhaps the kit you used looks beautiful for my pages too.
I have now decided wich book I use... you can see it on my blog.
I write this blog in german... hope that doesn't matter ;)


Downloaded this fine, will be making my page later in the day when I have done some marking and housework. I don't have any pictures of me then, although I have one of a few years later - I think looking at myself at 19 would be a bit depressing - all of size 8, and looking very young.


Thanks for sharing this challenge with us all Karen, it downloaded fine and I am looking forward to getting started. Not sure how well I will keep up but will finish it all at some point. Thanks again

Mary Bainbridge

Wow Dolly you look younger now than you did 10 years ago.
Thank you for setting the year long Challenge I am really looking forward to doing it.

Mary Bainbridge

Just realised as I pressed post that my blog was my Christmas one and not the one I am using for here so here tis again.
A great start and I hope to do this first prompt as an IRL LO


Downloaded with no problems. Great starting prompt. I feel quite excited at the thought of recording me! Thabks.

Susan Watson

Thanks Karen

Have downloaded the prompt - am very bad at keeping up with things but am determined to make the best effort I can with this one. Couple of years for me before I reach the same big birthday as yours but for lots of other reasons (mainly relationship - failed - sadly) need to do something just for me and this seems perfect

Thanks for sharing


PS You do look much younger now - I think that happens a lot with women

sue cook

I'm looking forward to taking part in this challenge. I've just downloaded prompt 1 with success. I know a lot of significant things have happened to me during the past decade and this is going to be a fantastic opportunity to record them before I forget.Thanks for the inspiration!

Gina Nathan

Downloaded (no problems) groaned re journalling, especially about myself and utterly determined to actually DO it!!! Thanks Karen x


Downloaded and read - now to start my list!

Julie Spencer

Hi Karen
It downloaded with no problems and I have spent the last half hour putting a few ideas down on paper about my life and family for the last ten years - I am not good at journaling so this will be a big challenge for me - looking forward to it.

Tracey Jackson

Hi Karen I have just downloaded the first prompt, thankyou, I cannot wait to get started on this project, thankyou for the inspiration XXX

Trina Kison

What a QUICK download! Thanks a bunch!!
I am sooooooo excited for 52 in 10 to start today! Thank you so much for sharing this journey with others.


Hi, downloaded fine. Am going to give this a go. I have not done anything like this before. Thank you


Love the first prompt and even have an idea for my Lo too :o)


Thanks for the prompt Karen! The download works great! Here is my layout for the first one!


Many thanks! This is just what I need for the new year.

Photographing Mom

Downloaded fine for me. Thanks!!!!


Downloaded fine - great prompt. Have my list of 2000-2010 - something for each year too!! Now need to decide how to scrap it!

jo sowerby

worked fine over here too. ooh i remember the millenium, i was working on scbu and we had mrsa!!!!
jo xxx


What a fantastic idea. It seems that the last decade was about everybody but myself.
Last year I started making time for me to try and accomplish some of my dreams. This seems like an idea fit for me this year.

The download went great, Now I will have to get going on the doing.



Download was fine. What a great prompt. I just added some information about your challenge on my blog.

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