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December 23, 2009


Eleni Gratsia

Thanks Karen, prompt worked just fine!


Worked for me too. So looking forward to this.


That dollhouse Christmas is so cute!


Worked for me aswell, have joined the FLickr group in anticipation

Paula - Buenos Aires

* The pdf loaded fine, even clicking on it from Bloglines (my feeds)and not the actual blog.
* Knowing you and your work I knew it was going to be something good, it turned out to be the coolest project I´ve found around the web these days. The 2010 comment was just brilliant. :)
* The font is easy to read and pleasing to the eye, it has a fun quality to it that has us all rearing to go.

Photographing Mom

Worked for me! And I was so fooled by the dollhouse!!


What a lovely dollhouse... wooow

The pdf loaded for me as well.
Have a wonderful christmas!!!


Downloaded and rariong to go.Love your doll's house-I wish I had space for one in my real house.


worked for me to karen - happy christmas

Jacky S

Downloaded fine....and the doll house is wonderful.


Yes, it worked for me too. this sounds like something i have wanted to do for a long time and not known how to get started. looking forward to joining you.


Anticipating some fun and serious achievements ahead. thank you Karen.


download ok, merry Christmas everybody!


The comment worked fine for me and I am using Ubuntu, so thank you.


Love the doll house - very realistic.

PDF worked fine and am really looking forward to 52 in 10


Download worked fine for me too - Merry Christmas :)

Mary Bainbridge

Thanks Karen I can download ok and I have joined the group in Flickr
Love your page for today's JYC what a lovely room for a dolls house, I love all thing miniature but I haven't had a dolls house since I was a child.


Love your doll's house and I think of the CFH everyday as I think I have his kindred spirit living in my house right now !! Happy Christmas dearest Dolly :)


Prompt works fine Dolly - sounds like fun - hope to play along with you

Hev Bridle

Hi Karen, It works for me too. Would love to join you, but need to think of a name i like - someone is already using mine on Flickr.


I was able to download your prompt easily Dolly - good luck with the project!
Looks like the dolls are set for a lovely Christmas dinner ;-)

Jackie P

No problem downloading the PDF Karen. Looking forward to the 27th now.

Have a wonderful Christmas.


Hi Karen

Download worked fine - looking forward to getting started.


Lida Garcia

Download went perfect, joined the flickr group. Can´t wait to get started. Merry Christmas!!!

Debby Brown

Hello Karen,

I'm a bit behind the times but the download worked fine for me too.

Now I have a deadline for getting my den/office sorted: help!

Thank you,



got it! Will go thru it all tomorrow but am printing off the info now!


I have just recently came across your blog and your 52-10 project really interested me. So I know I'm a bit late but I thought I would give it a try. I've never done scrapbooking before so I thought this would be a good place to start. Thanks Jaqui x

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