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October 27, 2009


Anita M

Karen my lovely, so sorry to hear you are feeling so horrid too! Sounds like we have the exact same blinking yukky condition, its totally pants and you have my utter sympathy! I am on my 6th day of it now and totally and utterly fed up of getting up at 3.30am each morning for work!! Will you be a love and write me a sick note for tomorrow please?? LOL. Glad you managed to get out on your trip ok and sounds like you grabbed some good bargains too.
Healing hugs and wishes


So sorry to hear you are still so unwell - hope you are feeling lots better soon - sending big ((((hugs))))


Feel better soon xx

Sharon Peters

Hi Karen - loads of sympathy for you - I too have the awful cough - I started with the cold and then moved on to the cough - it is so annoying and makes you ache all over! Enjoy Scrapfever. Sharon XX


I used to live in Street when I was little and there wasn't much there then!! Havn't been to the new Village, one day I'll get back down there!

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