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January 22, 2009



Sorry to hear you have had a bad day. Your right it does make you realise what you have at home. I had a real bad patch before Christmas, where home became my sanctuary. So completely know how you feel.

Roberta Anne

Hope your day improves. I love the card.
Roberta Anne


Sorry to hear you have had a bad day, but husbands can always make the world go away.

Your card is beautiful....and your kitty is darling.

Hope all turns out well for you, Good Luck


Hope your day improves.
What a handsome cat!

I just love the card.

Thankyou for sharing it.



Great cards, and I love your cat! LOL We can't have pets in our rental home, so I go and look at everyone else's cats. Sorry you've had a bad day - hope it gets better!


Hope that Nigel is feeling better x


I hope tomorrow is a better day! I love your bee happy card!


Your kitty is has such pretty markings!

I popped over here from Kelli's blog to see your paper crafting and what a cute card I see indeed! I love bees....how adorable!

Hope tomorrow brings you a better day!
[email protected] www.auntmimiscreations.blogspot.com


Hope your day is better today!


Sorry to hear that you had such a rotten day and it is truly great to have that special someone in your life whom you can depend on.I just thought that I would let you know that i am one of the many people who admire your work and just love to check out your blog each day it gives me lots of inspiration and I just love all of your cute cat photos thanks Mary

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