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December 19, 2008


Karen Huntoon

I want a doll house!!!!!!! this brings back such WONDERFUL memories for me. Thanks for making me smile tonight!!!


Wow ! that must be quite a big doll house, it looks so real that I really thought it was your home ! only the cat looked a little strange, lol !

Linda C

Your doll house is amazing!! I am astounded at the detail involved in each room!

What an interesting hobby you have:)

Merry Christmas!

Linda C


I have always loved doll houses and the work that must go into having one! Your's has so much detail, very lovely! Thanks for sharing!


What a perfectly done doll house. Thank you for sharing. Please come visit me.

Barbara H.

That is so very cute!! I hope to have a dollhouse some day.


It just seems unbelievable how life like it all looks. We should all have a home like that! Very pretty!!


Yep, I'm moving in!


Your dining room is amazing! I love every little detail. i can't imaging crafting in miniature! Jean


Amazing! So much detail! Thanks for sharing such a beautiful room with us - hard to believe it's a doll house!


Oh wow! Your house is so wonderful and so detailed! Love all the rooms you have done.

Alice Hendon

I see your cats! I love your dollhouse and the photos you post. They are so much fun! Merry Christmas!

You are always welcome at The Shadow of the Cross. Feel free to visit anytime.


I had a doll house when I was 11. Memories. Thank you for sharing. Merry Christmas.

voodoo vixen

I'm so green I'm gabbage-looking... yet another gorgeous room in your dolls house... I think there must be a little girl in all of us that love them in their miniature detail...

Dining Chairs

Wow, The doll house looks great


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That is fabulous setting of house.How i wish i have that kind of house.


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