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November 21, 2008


maddy hill

lol , my mum and dad had and have simular ornaments ! an old granny and grandad in a money box rocking chair - it still adorns thier mantle piece even after 34 years and inside are kept my milk teeth from when i was 6 ! so i know exactly what you mean about precious !
love the layout you did for the dt !

Hootin' Anni

I think they're adorable!!!! What a family treasure.

Come view my show n tell if you can find time. It's a new 'hobby' of mine started just this past week. Happy Friday, happy weekend.


They are precious and I know very special to you. Have a wonderful thanksgiving.

Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts

What sweet treasures! They are cute in themselves, but the story behind them is precious.


Oh Dolly, I enjoy your blogging so much. You have such a clear way of journalling. What a wonderful heritage you have.

I am glad you are able to scrapbook some of these memories - your photos plus your journalling make a terrific albums!

Thank you for sharing!


Love your post! I have a set of 'kissing dolls' from my parents' home. They have magnets in their heads and when you put them close to each other, they automatically kiss :). Thanks for the awesome post!

Please feel free to visit my blog anytime. You are always welcome in The Shadow of the Cross.


How special those are. I love what they symbolize and how they have such a precious memory for you. Thank you so much for sharing them and the memories too.

Susie Homemaker

It goes to show you, some things are priceless! Cherish them and the memories of the love your parents had for each other...



These are so cute. I think originally they were made to be Hummel knock-offs for us folks who couldn't afford the real thing.
This is funny as I have some prints called 'The Tree of Life' that I bought when my husband and I were first married. One is March and the other is November. I still have them in my living room.


What precious treasures these are Karen!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. :)


Hello again :) it's Alice from The Shadow of the Cross. Thanks for looking at my blog. I agree with you about a lot of the music on blogs. When I selected my music, I went with songs I enjoy listening to while I work on other things. I just leave my blog up while I work :). I went with high-energy music - that's what I always listen to pretty much. The song you heard would be "You Are Good" by Israel Houghton and New Breed. I also have a lot of Lincoln Brewster - he's an amazing guitarist and praise musician. Thanks again :) have a great weekend. Alice


What precious keepsakes! I'm glad you shared them with us!


What wonderful family memories and two
wonderful family treasures! Thanks for
sharing with us!

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