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November 28, 2008



I have never seen anything so beautiful before!! It's an amazing work of art. Thank you so much for sharing. I've enjoyed your blog for awhile now but this is the first time I have commented. Thanks for being so generous in sharing your work. It has given me a push to try my hand at digital scrapping.

Alice Hendona

Absolutely gorgeous! I did a dollhouse 30 years ago. I did it in the style of a country farmhouse and loved it. It was so much fun. I love your music room! What an excellent job and so much work and love you put into it. The little black cat on the sofa is my favorite :), then the chandelier! Wow! Great post!


wow what a luxurious room. so much work has gone into it but it is so worth it - looks fab x


Wow! What a fab room Karen! I love it. You have done such a wonderful job on it. I have a house to do too, some year, but mine is still in the box.

Patricia Christensen

This is just over-the-top amazing! The lighting is stunning! Everything about this room shows such meticulous care and skill! Love the kitties, too...


Love your dollshouse. I had one for my 30th birthday and spent about six years creating it and several room boxes, only to then discover scrapbooking! Now my houses are just on display and a little neglected! I still have a part knitted 1:12 scale dress to finish for one of my characters!


I have never seen anything like this either. So beautiful, you have an eye for detail.


How simply stunning. A great deal of work was put into it. Just beautiful.


can I move in??? I promise not to need much! (now if I can just figure how to put 'big ol me' in 'little tiny there':)

Love your choices!


That is a true work of art. How very beautiful! Its pure magic.


It is beautiful. I've always wanted a doll house (had one when I was little) but my hubby isn't to taken with the idea. You've decorated it just beautifully. There is a museum in L.A. this would fit right in

Linda C

This is beautiful, amazing... words fail me:) I can't get over the details:) Thanks for sharing it with us!
Linda C


A grown girls dream. So beautiful and delicate. I love it!

Susie Homemaker

I know this was a lot of work...with gorgeous results...I can close my eyes and see all the southern ladies in their gowns and the men in their silk suits...very romantic room!



So elegant and beautiful! You have added so many wonderful touches!


I built a house for my daughter when she was quite young, that too got put on hold (she is 21 now), but reading this makes me want to go back to it. Unfortunately, I don't have the TIME for all the addictions I have lol. Please, please show us more rooms, I can't wait and thanks for sharing. It is beautiful.

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