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October 24, 2008



Beautiful mask! Thanks for sharing! :)


Love the mask - and welcome to Show and Tell. It was my first time today too!

I have a question - do you still see this friend? You said you worked with her, but that was it? Just curious!

Thank you very much for sharing, I enjoyed visiting you.

~ Barb (Mrs. Miles)


It's a wonderful mask! Happy first S&TF !!! It's my first week too.
Have a great day & thanks for sharing.

Linda C

Welcome to show and tell! I love your mask! My daughter-in-law studied drama in college and making masks is one of her talents. She made them for various members of the family one year for Christmas. Very unique:)
And yours is beautiful!!
Linda C

Susie Homemaker

That is so pretty...my daughter used to make masks...yours is so special because your Dear Friend made it for you!


Zaroga (FourOf5Zs

A wonderful show & tell. That is such a beautiful mask and a great story to go with it.

I posted the wrong link to my show & tell.. I posted last weeks link instead of the new one: http://zarogasnook.blogspot.com/2008/10/show-tell-friday-and-rain.html. Only my second time participating... need to get the hang of things :-)

Mary Bainbridge

Karen that is a beautiful mask indeed.


It's beautiful! What a special friend that made it for you!

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