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August 14, 2008



Could there have been thunder ? 2 of my setters are very frighten. One at 10 when she has been alright all her life until last year.Or sullking?
Hope soon better.
Hugs Daphne

Mary Bainbridge

Oh Karen I do so hope he gets his confidence back and becomes the CFH again.



So sorry to hear about Fiki. One thought that springs to mind is that you might want to take him to the vet to see if anything is wrong.

Our cat, a male Burmese, acted in a way very similar to what you're describing here. Suddenly he stopped being his usual playful self, and wouldn't come out of the bedroom except to eat some food or use his tray. He wouldn't purr at all (and usually he purrs if you so much as look at him), and when he was taken out of the room he would immediately run back in.

Eventually, after a day or so of this, we noticed that he was walking with a very slight limp. We also noticed that if he was jumping up or down from the bed, he would make a very low-pitched miaow that wasn't anything like his normal miaow. So we took him off to the vet, who came to the conclusion that he'd actually hurt his leg. She gave him an anti-inflammatory jab, and a few days later he was back to his usual self.

We wouldn't have spotted this if we hadn't seen him limping immediately after jumping, since it must be their instinct to try to hide any injury, rather than make it appear obvious. But all his strange behaviour - the hiding, acting very scared, no longer purring, staying on the bed and not moving - all turned out to be due to an injured leg. To this day we don't know how he did it - we never saw or heard anything to make us think he'd injured himself.

Just a thought that you might want your vet to give Fiki a once-over, in case he's actually hurt.

Anyway, our thoughts are with you - good luck, and I hope Fiki gets well soon !

Bye for now;

Winnie Hua

Hi Karen

I hope Fiki returns to normal soon. It's always distressing when animals are not their usual selves and they can't communicate to you how they're feeling or what has spooked them. I would soo love to ask my little boy dog why he is so scared of other dogs and so I know how much it pains you to not know why Fiki is acting this way.

*hugs* to you and Fiki!

(UKS Wingus)

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