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July 12, 2008



Wow these are fantastic, you really created a lovely dlo, im new to dlo's too but starting to really like them!


I know exactly how you feel, I always worry something terrible will happen when I'm away! Love your DLO


Really like this too, especially your little map with the states you've visited coloured in. I must do that on a layout for Britain, I'm sure I can tick off quite a few counties from my work travels!

The muted colours work brilliantly too and it definitely doesn't look like you struggled with a double-page layout.



I know what you mean about DLOs. In the past mine have mainly been two separate pages with the same papers and embellishments and photos of the same event. I've never before put two pieces of card together at the start of the process and treated them as one big LO! I love what you've done with yours. The photos are fab! I used a picture of the Statue of Liberty on my Travel Quest, as I've never been to New York and really want to go!!


You are such a clever lady! I am gaining from following your blog.
Could your distress at being away be caused by the fact that you aren't in control of what is happening at home? It is very hard to deal with that isn't it?


Lovely layouts, its so interesting seeing everyone's perspective on the themes. I love that bird on your travel layout - was that stamped?


The bird was cut from another sassafrass paper


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