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November 01, 2007



Thank you so much for sharing that beautiful email. It made me stop and think.

Julia Budd

the slow cooker thing - sorry it's such a trauma, I'm loving mine after some falses starts. Root veggies take longer than meat - so put them in UNDER the meat where the bowl sits in the element...makes a huge difference, and I always add brought to the boil half quantity if liquid is stated in the recipe....that might help...you don't need any more stresses - thinking of you both.


Karen, lovely e mail, thanks forsharing it with us. Although I haven't left comments for ages I've been reading your blog and have been thinking of you and Nigel. With all my heart, I hope things improve soon.


Thinking of you all at this difficult time and thanks for sharing that email, brought tears to my eyes it did. Know people care for you today and every day xx


Beautiful email- thanks for sharing it.
Love to Kira -hope she improves soon.


Hi Karen,

I have seen this before, but it is such a lovely story, and really does give hope and strength to us all. I often feel that there is little I can give back to the world {due to my illness} but my Mum once told me that she thought of me like Beth, the poorly child in *Little Women*...the gift she gave to her family, was always being right where they left her!! i.e. she was always available for them. I like to think we all have something to give.

Apologies for the essay!!


That was such a lovely email. I cried...I understand that completely. Thanks for sharing :)
Hugs, Rosie

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