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October 19, 2007



((((((((((hugs))))))))))))) xx


I am sure you have thought of it, but is there anything at all in the room you keep Kira in that has changed, bought any new furniture, cleaned the carpets, put a smelly in the hoover, cleaned the curtains, just wondering if she is licking anything that may cause her condition.
I am thinking of yoy


Oh dear! Nothing else to say but sending you all {{{Hugs}}}

Julia Budd

Poor you, too much stress, what a worry. It does occur to me that perhaps over time, Kira's developed an allergy to Fiki's spit???? I know it's a long shot, almost ridiculous, but desperate Mums reach for anything......


Not sure if you already have it or if your vet has mentioned it but there's a plug-in diffuser style thing called Feliway that's meant to release some smell to de-stress your cats.
Hugs to you all x


So sorry to hear about poor Kira - what a tough tie you are all having lately. Sending loads of (((hugs))) to you all - essential oil of lavender is the best de-stress I know - 1 drop in a saucer of warm to hot water and leave it in the room - it always worked for my moggies as well as me. Thinking of you all and praying for Kira.
Jennie x

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