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October 01, 2007



I do feel for you with poor Kira - it must be awful when you don't know what's causing it all.
((((((HUGS)))))) to the poor baby.
When my dearly departed Tigs was in a bad scrap he had a scab on his head - the vet took the scab off that too - aparently cats struggle to heal through the because of all the fur - good job he did because the wound was granulating and spreading under the skin. But I was so mad when he did it. If he hadn't he wouldn't have known to prescribe antibiotics for him, or been able to clean it out. Doesn't look that that's happened to you poor little one though.
I'll keep thinking of her. x


I'm sorry to read about your cat Kira. I have 3 Somalis, one of which has a similar problem. It has also been diagnosed as an allergy. Cashew has to have steroid injects which normally last about 3 months. My vet says cats tolerate the steroid injects more that most animals. I also asked about testing to find out what the allergy was causing the problem. I was told that it would be a long process. Not only would I have to feed him something he'd never had before and try other new foods. but I would have to completely change his living environment. Which to be honest is not a practical proposal for a cat. I'd also have to segregate him from the other cats, something that he and they would hate. Some of my early tries at helping him involved using an Elizabethan collar, which he tolerated but one of my other cats liked playing mum and kept licking his face clean and taking of the scab. My vet did take of one scab at the very beginning I believe this was to see if there were any insect larva or similar underneath.



Oh Karen,poor Kira. It's so frustrating when our babies are ill and we can't find out the cause of it. I do hope you manage to get to the bottom of things and she can start to get better again.

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