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September 14, 2007



You take care. Don't let the baddies get you down.
Have a good weekend.

P.s. love the email....its so you already!


So sorry you had **** day. Hope your weekend more than makes up for it! Pleased to hear that Kira seems to be perking up!
Take care
love Jennie xx


So sorry to hear you've had a bad day - take care hun


I've had no internet access for a few days, so I've been waiting to hear how Kira was doing. When I saw the title of this post, my heart was in my mouth thinking the worst had happened. I scrolled down and found from the previous post that she is doing better, so I am relieved!

Sorry to hear you've had a bad day though - hope the scrapping weekend makes up for it.


flapsi hapsi

Aw - sorry you've had a bad day - cyber hugs on the way. Hope the scrapping weekend makes up for it.

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