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August 29, 2007



Your layout does your wonderful photograph justice :D Keeping a detailed journal is such a good idea, takes a discipline which I seem to lack LOL! So cool that you have Nigel so well trained ;)


Your photos and feelings about this wonderful part of the world are bringing back so many happy memories for me. I visited the Rockies 11yrs ago and would love to go back one day. I am only slightly jealous on one count...you saw a bear...I didn't! I know what you mean about the Sulphur Mountain gondola - we had an evening meal in the restaurant at the top and the downward journey, over the trees as night fell, was scarier than the upward journey, as the light distorted the view and made you feel like you were going to end up in the trees. My photos of our trip are in a non-acid-free photo album in the loft - you are inspiring me to get them out and scrap them properly, so thanks again.


Oh please keep them coming, such happy memories, and from your pictures things dont seem to have changed much in 18 years. I too didnt like the gondala ride but had a bigger wobbly on the cappillano suspension bridge near Vancouver, as people thought it funny to jump in the middle and make it sway!!! Love the one of you at Lake Louise, you have trainned Nigel well. Im off now to look for my photos, time to scrap them I think, just wish I had more time


Wonderful pics Karen. I am so enjoying hearing about your travels. And, of course, the CFH. Gotta love them kitties!

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