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March 29, 2007



Gosh Toffee is so sweet - I think he'd like to come and live in my cottage! LOL :) :).
Hope you stay nice and relaxed tonight. Take care.
Jennie xx

Sarah Youde (UKS monroegirl)

Oh! You are the first person other than me that I have known to have TMJ or even know what it is!! It's so awful sometimes I could cry (and do!). I am sick to death of seeing Maxillo Facial specialists who can't sort it out for me apart from suggesting the dreaded op! I may have to ask about the mouth guard if it works.


He's gorgeous! We are gradually building up a stunning collection of bears from the aforementioned shop (heaven!) in the Kerr household (between the two girls and me!) Don't grow up - I have no intentions of so I need someone to keep me company!


Lurve Toffee Karen & you are never too old to love bears!!!! My 'little' collection keep me company in my room.


Toffee is cute. I am really lucky in being able to pretend that my bears are for my grandchildren - but they're not! They are MINE!!

Sarah Youde (UKS monroegirl)

Karen, feel free to email me about TMJ :)

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