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February 28, 2007



Wise words,thankyou for sharing them.


What truly inspirational words these are - sending lots of cyber((((((hugs))))) as you are having a tough time at the moment. You have a lot of friends who are there for you too - even it you can't see us. I agree so much in your philosophy as I came to this conclusion myself a few years ago. And I am sure you are doing fine!
Hugs form a small island winging there way to you Karen.
Jennie xx


What a beautiful post and your words are so true! Thanks for sharing!!


Beautiful post, struck a very large chord & brought me to tears.
I innocently said something in conversation at work & someone was listening in. They ran & told the boss what they heard & now someone is in trouble.
I was informed that I should have told the bosses myself, had they found out I knew & hadn't said then I could be dismissed!!
Hardly fair, how was I to know he had kept it a secret. I know there will be bad feeling as they intend to have it out with him & we sit beside each other all day & get on reasonably well.I will not be seen as a grass nor will I run telling tales.
He never once told me don't say anything!
I can't blog about this as they read my blog!!


Karen - lovely words of wisdom. I tried to remember these words last year when times got tough. It was 'nice' to have them put infront of me again today.
Hope things improve for you,
Take care Racheal

ps - enjoyed our time together on Saturday.


Wow - you always say the right words at the right time Karen. I'm sure i'm guided to your Blog some days.

Big hugs - Cal xx

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